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Looking for options on staircases?

options on staircasesAre you in quest of stair designs for your newly built home? Stairs too are a vital aspect of your home even if these are not as significant as your rich Persian rug- however, if the homeowner is concerned about the aesthetics across the house, he won’t leave out on the staircase. The good part is that the contemporary interior decoration scene extends a versatile suite of designs when it comes to the stairs. The post below is a short note on some of the fantastic staircase designs for the new homes.

The spiral staircase is an all-time favorite. The best part is that it suits every theme of home, be it vintage or contemporary. The spiral staircase carries a fantastic dramatic aura that adds on the much desired glam appeal in your home. Just make sure not to rush while you are getting down the spiral way- the asymmetrical structure of the spiral staircase makes it little risky for those who are always rushing down the stairs.

Then you have the railing-less staircases. The railing-less options are a wonderful fit when it comes to contemporary homes, getting on the much coveted chic touch for your newly built apartment. The same alarm rings with the railing free staircase as with the spiral option. As these are sans the railing guard, you should be extra careful while getting down.

However, if you have got kids at home, the railing-less stairs are a big NO. In such situations, you can deploy a transparent glass railing to ensure a strong-hold while getting down.

Then, you have the stairs with excellent storage facilities. These are especially for the smaller apartments that are often plagued by space constraints. These stairs are designed with drawers below each of the steps which you can utilize to host different belongings- magazines, books, ash trays and so on.

How to child proof your stairs?

child proof stairs, home improvementWhen you have little ones back home, it’s important that you child proof your stairs to ensure complete safeguard for the little one. The article here highlights on some significant tips that will help to child proof the stairs.
The first thing is to install gates at both ends of the chairs. The gates will prevent the little from falling down from the steps and even if he/she goes down accidentally, the tiny tot would stay within the step series only, thanks to the gate at the stair end.

Fancy floating chairs are very common in trendy homes these days. If you have a child at home, you can’t take the risk of these floating chairs as these don’t come with railings. You must install sturdy railings by the side of your stairs so that the tiny one gets the needed support while it is slowly learning to climb up the stairs.

Training your pet to use pet stairs

nullPet stairs are becoming increasingly popular among concerned pet owners. When pets jump on and off objects, they tend to injure their joints and bones and in the long term they may develop joint problems and may have to suffer through a lot of pain. Pet stairs are a good safety precaution to save the pet from hurting itself. However, training the pet to use pet stairs well is as important a safety precaution as is investing in the stairs.

Conditional training for using pet stairs is the most common, popular and successful form of training pets. In this method the pet is rewarded with its favorite food for using the stairs and after using this method the pet automatically becomes accustomed to using the pet stairs. Initially pets try to jump off the steps to reach to the food but with some rewarding and reprimanding the pets learn to use the pet stairs gradually.

How can stair treads prevent accidents?

nullThough stair treads may be sometimes overlooked but what everyone needs to realize is that stair treads are as important as any other safety precaution inside the house. Stair treads can be of a material different from the actual staircase such as the staircase may have marble flooring but the treads could be covered with a more safe material which avoids slipping and accidents.

Stair treads come in user friendly materials such as fabric, rubber, metal etc. and they could also be designed with various textures which further prevent accidents from happening. Rubber or fabric treads are an ideal choice to avoid falls due to spilling of liquids or slippery materials. The installation of the treads should also be done carefully such that they do not come off, creating a cause for accidents. Stair treads can also be used as an enhancement option as well, by using designs and patterns that match with the interiors of the home.

Different types of loft conversion stairs

nullLoft conversions are found more commonly in houses that have a space constraint, lofts add to the living space hence while making a loft conversion it should be ensured that the stairs leading up to the loft do not take up much space as that would kill the very purpose of building a loft conversion. There are various types of loft conversion stairs and they vary according to the placement and space of the loft.

If the entrance to the loft is in the middle of a room then the ideal option would be a spiral staircase which would take up minimal space and would also look attractive. Straight stairs are also a good option for loft conversion as stairs these could be foldable that can be moved according to the convenience of the user. The stairs could also be steep to save more space, however these kinds of stairs would not be ideal for a home with young children or old people.

Installing hardwood or laminate on stairs

nullStairs can be installed with hardwood or can be laminated depending on the theme of the design of the house and the kind of furniture used. While doing the installation of hardwood or laminating, it should be made sure that the surface of the stairs is smooth to avoid an uneven surface after installation.

For installation of hardwood planks on the stairs, the size of the planks should be preferably broad so as to give a better finish and a professional look. Hardwood can be directly nailed into the stairs; nailing hardwood would give it a good grip and will not get dislocated over a period of time. Laminates on the other hand can be glued to the surface as laminates are thinner than hardwood and do not need to be nailed. Whatever the material may be, it should be ensured that the installation is strong to avoid accidents while using them.

Add that aesthetic touch to your house with curved stairs or spiral stairs

nullSpiral stairs are stairs that move upwards in a circular formation. Spiral or curved stairs not only look beautiful but also save a lot of space inside the home. The beauty in spiral stairs is that they can be placed in a corner as well as in the middle of a room and will still not look awkward. Even though spiral stairs are generally steeper than straight stairs however they are as safe as the straight ones due to the side railings that are present on them.

Spiral or curved stairs are made out of various materials such as, wood, metal, stone etc. Spiral stairs are usually narrow if they are in the middle of the room and could be broader if placed in a corner. Spiral stairs are preferred by people because they give a unique touch to the design of the house as well as look classic and royal.

Importance of Installing StairLift at your home

nullIf there is a small baby or a very aged family member living with you then installing stairlift at your home becomes very important. If there is no stairlift then the chances of falling from the stairs increases to a great extent especially when some one is suffering from serious disease like Alzheimer or arthritis etc. People who have experienced a bad fall from the stairs generally have stairs phobia and are quite apprehensive while going down the stairs.

In such cases installing a stairlift can solve lot of problems. The safety provided by stairlift is quite good and will make the entire thing of going through stairs a fun ride. You just need to sit on it and press a button and stairlift will swiftly get you through the stairs. It is as simple as that! It will also help in boosting the person’s confidence to make use of stairs more often without fearing.

Instructions before installing carpet on stairs

nullThe two main methods of installing the carpet on stairs are waterfall method and cap and band method. In the first method, each riser and tread is covered by one piece of carpet while in the latter one, cap covers the treads and band covers the risers. Below are some guidelines to install the carpet by waterfall method on basic stairs. You will require various tools like nails, measuring tape, tack strips, stair tool, hammer, utility knife and safety glasses.

First of all you need to remove the old carpet completely along with the tack strips and old padding. Then before you start installing the carpet calculate the amount of carpet you will require to cover your stair. If you are going to make use of carpet pad then add 3 inches per stair and if there is nosing then add at least 1 foot to the flight measurement. Such precautions make the installation of carpet on the stairs easy.

Tips for Building Deck Stairs

nullBuilding deck stairs can be quite a challenging job. One needs to be very careful while calculating the dimensions of the stairs. Some of the equipments that you will require to construct deck stairs include level, hand saw, calculator, measure tape, stair gauges, carpenter’s square and circular saw. Apart from the tools, you will require other accessories like 3 D nails, two by four nails, three in deck screws, threads, and various sizes of wood.

Create a rough draft about the way you are going to construct the deck stairs. Check the measurements properly before cutting the wood. After that, calculate the y-height of your arrangement. In this way, cut each of the wooden pieces properly by knowing the exact total of tread risers. Once all the cutting is done, install the steps and treads to the stringer board. One can also place railings to aid the person climbing the stairs.