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Installing hardwood or laminate on stairs

nullStairs can be installed with hardwood or can be laminated depending on the theme of the design of the house and the kind of furniture used. While doing the installation of hardwood or laminating, it should be made sure that the surface of the stairs is smooth to avoid an uneven surface after installation.

For installation of hardwood planks on the stairs, the size of the planks should be preferably broad so as to give a better finish and a professional look. Hardwood can be directly nailed into the stairs; nailing hardwood would give it a good grip and will not get dislocated over a period of time. Laminates on the other hand can be glued to the surface as laminates are thinner than hardwood and do not need to be nailed. Whatever the material may be, it should be ensured that the installation is strong to avoid accidents while using them.