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How To Replace Your Faucet

Tips of replacing your faucet
Process of replacing your faucet

It’s right time to replace your faucet if it dripping heavily or if it has a reduced flow. You cannot remain just the way it is and waste so much of water. It doesn’t matter whether it is in your bathroom or in your kitchen sink if your faucet is dripping heavily, without any wait, you need to replace your faucet. If you are worried about the cost of replacing a faucet which you have to give to professional then you need not to worry about that. Replacing g your faucet is a simple, quick and DIY job. You just need some tools and need to have bit of skills and you will be done with replacing your faucet by yourself. Here is a simple process on how to replace your faucet.

  • Check your sink

Before replacing your faucet, you need to check how many openings are there and also see how far they are. You will have to check under the sink for checking this thing. If you are going to replace your faucet of bathroom then there will be two handles which might be joined together with spot for becoming a single unit. They can also be apart from one another. If you want to replace your faucet correctly, you might need this information.

  • Buy new faucet

You might be using your faucet since a long period of time and when you are replacing it, you will be again using it for long period of time only and hence it is advisable to replace it with quality one only. There are various range of faucets available in the market but choose the one which is of good quality and would last properly without any need of repair. When we are talking about good faucet, it doesn’t need to be fancy and trendy but the one with good mechanism.

  • Bring the exact match

Before bringing the new faucet, you must check the old and bring the new one which will fit in your home. You are bringing this costly new faucet but it will not fit in there. This will be useless. If you are not aware about the types of faucet ad which will fit in your home then it is advisable to take the old one with you in the store and ask the person over there to give you the exact replacement.

  • Remove the old faucet

It is very essential to remove the old faucet first before you go on for replacing your faucet. You might need the screw driver for this. Remove the screws of your old faucet and very smoothly without damaging any parts remove the old faucet. Make sure to switch off the main switch before you start replacing your faucet.

  • Install new faucet

Once you are done with removing the old faucet, you must take the new faucet and attach at the same place from you removed the old one. You can use the same screws you removed for fixing the new one.

How To Choose Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom TilesPlanning and upgrading the bathroom is not an easy task. Bathroom is often the most neglected rooms of the house, even though you are full of enthusiasm initially. Unlike, the other rooms in the house the tiles for the bathroom are particularly different. A lot of care has to be taken before and after selecting the tile for your bathroom. Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom needs some careful consideration. Here are some simple factors that you would like to consider while buying tiles for your bathroom.

• Material of the tiles: it is important for you to know that when using tiles for flooring of the bathroom, not all tiles are suitable. Thus, the material of the tile should be your top most priority to decide which tile to buy. There is high moisture content in the bathroom so a material that shall be suitable for the same should be bought. You need tiles that will not wear off because of the moisture. However, if high humidity strips such as lamination is used it might make the floors very slippery when wet. This can lead to accidents. The glossy mosaic tiles work well on floors of your bathroom because they are easy to clean and provide traction. The characteristics of natural stones, ceramics and porcelain make them ideal ones for this purpose.

• The size of the tile: the size of the tile is also an equally important factor you have to consider. Tiles that are big in size are ideally for wall decorations and to be used on walls. Big tiles are not very suitable for floor use. Sizes usually that are 12 by 12 inches allow perfect drainage channels. Tiles that are relatively larger in size allow a lot of water to accumulate and pools to form. Thus, big tiles would mean that you will have to drain the water every time you are through with the time.

• Color palette: the best bathroom tiles are those that have the right color of the tiles. A bathroom with white tiles provides best reflection. It also enhances the beauty and visibility of the bathroom. Even floors that are dull colored make the bathroom look very uncomfortable. So, choose colors that are bright and light for your bathroom tiles.

• Design of the floor: the concept of the bathroom should also be based on the overall concept of the home. The designs that have been used in the house should blend in with the design you use for the bathroom. Choose a design that is beautiful and you know about. Hence, you know that the bathroom design is also an important factor that you would like to consider.

• Trying the internet: today, internet is loaded with pictures and ideas of tiles that would go well with the bathroom. There are many websites that are available. They dedicate their time to offer you the best information and idea regarding bathroom tiles. So, try their services and use their recommendation before purchasing any.

Modular homes

Modular homesA modular home is exceptional because it is constructed in a climate restricted factory. Now a days modular homes are more in demand and very trendy among the community as their construction and use is very well-known among the consumers. Modular homes are different from mobile homes and site-built homes. Modular home construction permits you with hundred of choices and design possibilities for your builders to work with you and decide the sort and design of modular homes that best go with your wants.

Modular homes are built in sector of factories that are transported from the manufacturing location to the building site through trucks and then collected by the local contractors at the housing spot.

Modular homes has various advantages that are making them very desirable and in demand among the people. Modular homes can have cost savings aspects to it as they are likely to be twenty to forty percent cheaper than site building homes. The main point behind this that the large scale producers can get flattering conditions for supply of materials in volume.

Indoor built-up of the house component means they are safe from weather and climate related problems which are the main difficulties for site built homes as the work may be delayed due to bad weather condition.

Also the factory workers are highly trained and experienced for specialized manufacturing jobs. As compared to site built homes delegated to contactors who employ unskilled and inexperience labour, the waste materials that come from modular homes are very tiny. Modular homes take thirty to ninety days for completing the work thus saving the time. A two storied 2000 square foot home can be raised in a single week in a factory.

The places where Modular housing has become most famous are New York, Michigan and North Carolina.

Tips For Reducing Your Water Bill

Reducing Your Water BillTo rinse the body, everyone needs water. When you install water showers for bathing, there must be sufficient water in the reservoir/tank. However, you must be economical to use tap water as it is chargeable. You must pay your water bills. Therefore, find the best way to save running water as much as you desire. To get water throughout the year, you must chalk out good plans how to prevent water loss.

Reduce Expenses- Install New Water Supply Accessories

The first tip for reducing the water wastage is to install new water supply accessories. Similarly, you must not be lavish to spend fresh tap water randomly. The bathtub must not be overflowed with pure water. When you bath, misuse water by turning off shower heads. The small showers slow the speed of running tap water. When you are supposed to brush your teeth, you must turn off tap water. Damaged faucets and flappers waste around 1000 to 2000 gallons water everyday. It will reflect on your water bills. Therefore, do the necessary repairing works to upgrade the water flushing and storage systems.

You will save money and energy on water bills, if you use hand held showerheads. The larger bath tub requires at least 35 gallons of water for bathing. You should use the low pressure showers for personal body wellness programs. You will save at least 20 gallons of tap water. The monthly utility bills will not create any problem for you. Lastly, for money saving, you need to invest time for regular maintenance to make the water dispensers functional. In torrid areas, water scarcity problem is very severe. People suffer from obstructive water supply. They need to buy water from vendors. Therefore, to reduce the expenses, people will have to install new water pipes, showerheads, sinks, and flappers. In this connection, water conservancy agencies provide tips to people about the water saving.

Know-how on silk rug maintenance

silk rug maintenanceYour silk rug is a sheer beauty and acts to glam up your home beautifully. No wonder, you would love to flaunt these silk treasures in your living room, drawing awe and admiration from the guests. However, you must know that silk calls for good maintenance and cleaning in order to restore its luster for many more years to come. The article here is a brief on how to maintain your silk rug.

Cleaning dirt & dust

First of all, you have to ensure a regular cleaning for your silk rug. You can either use the traditional broom or the vacuum cleaner. In case you are taking to broom, make sure that it comes with fine bristles assuring no harm to rug fibers. If you are going for vacuum cleaners get brushless as the vacuum brushes are hard on the rug surface. You have to shake the rugs as well which helps in removing bad odors from the fiber. In regards to solid debris, scoop them out gently with a spoon. Do not delay as debris deposition on the rug will be harmful for it.

Cleaning spills

Accidental spills are real bad for the silk rugs. In case there is any spillage, make sure to clean it up immediately as otherwise it might get impossible to get rid off it. Take a white clean rag and press it gently on the spilled area to absorb the spillage. If the spill color stays on the rug, you have to count on club soda. Pour the soda on the affected area & blot it with clean cloth. After that, remove the cloth & let the area to dry up. Another useful solution here is a blend of vinegar & water. Mix these up in 1:1 ratio and apply on the stained area, followed by a blotting.

Installing bamboo flooring is easy

bamboo flooringFlooring is a very essential thing in your home. While constructing a new home, you should pay enough attention to your flooring. It is your flooring on which the durability and the longevity of your house depend a lot. Installing bamboo flooring is not much difficult task compared to the other types of flooring provided you keep certain things in mind. Following these things you can very easily install bamboo flooring in your home. Bamboo is a very clean and fast growing plant containing no harmful chemicals. That is the main reason behind the wide popularity of the bamboo flooring. Though it is advisable to take professional help while installing bamboo flooring but you can also do it on your own if you read this article carefully.

Though bamboo flooring is compete moisture resistant and protects your house from dampening, still you should make sure that the sub floor is completely dry and free from any type of moisture otherwise this will let the bamboo rot. Thereby the floor will be completely damaged and the purpose of flooring will not be served.

Also it is very important that the sub floor be prepared before you do the flooring. Unless and until the sun floor is prepared properly, you can’t do the flooring properly. The sub floor has to be made leveled completely so that the bamboo planks can be placed properly. Without leveling if the bamboo planks are placed, then the floor will be uneven and bowed. The appearance will be very bad and it can even cause problems in the future giving rise to some squeaky boards. You must take proper care of the flooring at regular intervals to see whether there is any unwanted swelling of the floor or not. If there is anything, then it should be repaired immediately.

Maintaining your pool: some useful tips

pool maintenance, home careIf you have a pool at your home, then there are some things, which you should do in order to make sure it’s well maintained and clean. There are many materials and matters, which can create a hindrance to the beauty of your pool. To keep your pool clean, first of all, you need to keep removing the debris from the pool. Dust, grime, insects, leaves, etc can easily settle down on your pool. Therefore, in times like storms, rainy season and autumn, always keep your pool covered when not in use.

You should also use a wire mesh net or plastic pool cover at night for extra protection all the year round. You can also use pool purifiers and bleach when you clean the pool. Pools should be cleaned completely every month if it is used regularly. Otherwise, once every 3 months should be fine.

Tips on concrete maintenance

concrete maintenanceMany of us tend to take care and maintain our homes in a proper manner but we often forget about the concrete. Concrete maintenance is as important as the maintenance of the rest of the house and it can save you some cash as well in the future if you don’t have to repair it again and again. Your pavements, walls or driveway should be maintained and replaced from time to time.

A concrete lab costs around 6 dollars per slab depending upon the size you need to use. You should also buy good quality concrete slabs in the first, place so that you don’t have to suffer for bad quality later. Cleaning your concrete floors of pavements is also a part of the maintenance. Get rid of dust, grime, and all kinds of unwanted objects to keep the surface smooth and as good as new.

Lucky plants for your business- Feng shui

feng shui plants for officeAre you looking for decorating your office with a touch of greenery and plants? If yes, then you should also consider looking for plants which have the mystical benefits of bringing luck to your business. Feng shui has the art of bringing luck to your business with auspicious plants which are not only good to look at but also easy to maintain.

You have a myriad range of options when it comes to selecting these plants. Some of these plants to mention are bamboo plant, money tree, moth orchid, peace lily, citrus tree, lime tree, and jade plants. These plants are considered the symbolism of prosperity according to feng shui. They are known to balance all the elements of nature and bring a positive vibration and energy. But before you plant these trees in your office, you must either do a lot of research or consult a specialist in this field. The reason for this advice is that these plants require to be placed in a particular way. They have to be placed in a particular location with a specified amount of water to bring out its best effect.

Tips to construct proper drainage system at home

drainage system, home improvementThe drainage system of your home is one of the most important things that you should consider properly. A faulty drainage system can cause frequent water overflow in your home leading to weakening of the foundation and damping effects on the wall. This in turn will also reduce the longevity of your house. Now here are some tips to construct a proper drainage system.

Always consult some expert plumber to construct proper drainage system. There are certain things you should know so that you can construct the drainage system successfully. Check if the plumber has provided enough slope for the drainage. If the slope is not enough, then the water instead of flowing swiftly will be stagnant and at the extreme point will cause over flow.
Also take care of the fact so that the drainage system is kept covered. Or else dust, dirt and other debris will clog the mouth or exit of the drainage system thereby reducing the effectiveness of the drainage system. Get the best materials and components while constructing drainage system in your home so that there is no problem afterwards.