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Designer shower curtains for bathroom

Designer shower curtainsLooking for ways to improve the look of your bathroom? You can opt for designer shower curtains, which when used correctly, can take your bathroom’s decor to a whole new level. Designer shower curtains can be anything from simple yet stylish shower curtains complementing the look of your bathroom or super expensive curtains designed by brands like Gucci. But, price does not guarantee satisfaction. You can buy a very expensive curtain for your shower but it can go all wrong if it does not match with your bathroom’s design. You must browse and choose curtains for your shower carefully.

You must make your decisions carefully. Decide whether you want a theme based design for your curtains or any particular color pattern. If you are a person who likes change and wish to keep altering your designer curtains, keep the flooring and walls neutral.
A theme can be an easy solution for you to decorate your bathroom with curtains. You can get accessories that match your curtains, often in a set, saving you time of going around in different shops looking for hand towels or toiletry holders that match your designer curtains.

Shower curtains can be found in so many various types of designs that you might be confused which to leave and which to buy. Floral, rainbow stripes, sporty, chintz and polka dots. For the kids bathroom, choose designer themes of frogs or fish, or cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse or even their favorite superhero like Spiderman or Hulk. If you own a holiday home or a beach house, you can go creative and opt for innovative themes such as underwater or beach or aquatic life.

Hope you have a better idea about designer shower curtains now. So go out there, buy your curtains, and design your bathroom in a way that it gives you a fresh start every morning and a smile to everyone’s face whoever goes in.

Home Decor With Glass Elevators

Glass ElevatorsIf the house has a person who is temporarily or permanently damaged the walking skill it is an obvious and needy situation. Elevators then have a very important role to play. Also when the house has a pregnant woman or children for that matter, an elevator eliminates the need to worry about people falling off the stairs and breaking or damaging the ligaments or bones.

In recent times the house making charges have drastically dropped and increased at the same time. Depending on the area of where the house is located and the kind of house being made by the person, the decision about what the price is going to be is made. In posh areas where people are willing to spend money houses with elevators are the new upcoming things. Elevator costs have dropped in the recent years. More than a luxury, elevators have become a necessity for those who have the above mentioned situations.

Glass elevators however add class and sophistication to your homes. They offer a stunning view of your home space making the elegance reflect on its glass surface. It operates on the vacuum elevator system better known as pneumatic system. This system uses the vacuum suction force to run the machine. It is not complicated and bulky like the hydraulic system and is best suited for glass elevators for homes.

The installation of glass elevators is more compact. They do not need to install a pit and a passageway. Self contained are a little modest on budget and takes lesser time in installation too.
The installation of glass elevators not only increases mobility of going around the house it also adds posh and decor to your homes. The luxurious mode of going around the house makes it more comfortable and homely.

Accessorising your bedroom

Accessorising your bedroomNobody would like to live in a dull a bedroom; after the days hard work anyone would look forward to going to a lively and freshened environment. The bedroom can be pepped up with a number of things; some of them being easily available at all time anywhere. Since it is the bedroom we are talking about, it is important to figure whose bedroom we are talking about. A teenager’s bedroom would obviously look different from a grown up’s bedroom. A teenage girl’s bedroom again would be different from a teenage boy’s bedroom. If it is the bedroom of a couple then it can be decorated in the following way:

Window drapes always make the room look beautiful by giving it a vintage look. Drapes are also handy when there is a lot of unwanted sunlight entering the room. A little bit of ‘lighting up the atmosphere’ can be done with the fixing of low power consuming lights which have a dim effect perfect for the bedroom ambience. A different looking book shelf is also a good idea. Apart from just keeping books it can also be used for storage purposes. This adds more decor to the room. Second hand very old looking furniture can also be purchased and kept for further decoration. Furniture always makes a room look grand and beautiful.

Now if the room is for teenagers it is important to note that the overall look matters a lot. Usually teenagers nowadays are not very comfy with yellow light. It gives them a very lethargic feel and dulls them up. So white fluorescent lights and tubes are the best accessories for a teenagers bedroom and the more lights there are the better it is. Wallpapers can also be rolled according to the choice and preferences of the teenage person. Girls would love pink colour as it is the usual cliché.

What are the most compatible shades for an inviting bedroom?

bedroom shadesAre you planning a new look for your bedroom this time? Well, no face-lift is complete without a fresh paint coat and good choice of shades is the most vital while you are planning a perfect inviting feel in your bed chamber. The good news is that a bedroom allows you to pick from a versatile variety of shades. The article here is a short post on what would be the perfect tones for your bedroom.

First of all, you should know that the size of your bedroom is a dominant parameter in choosing the colors for your bedroom. If you have a comparatively smaller bedroom, you have to settle with lighter shades. Go with the butter yellow here as the color carries a certain underlying warmth without being too bright. Mint green would be effective as since the light shade is refreshing and cool. Then, of course you have blue. Blue is the shade of tranquility and will present you with the perfect relaxing ambience where you would love to unwind after a hard day’s work.

For bigger bedrooms you are permitted to experiment with brighter shades. French fuchsia is a wonderful choice here. It’s a lovely color and would be perfect for a contemporary bedroom. Many homeowners count on ivory for their bedrooms. Now, the pristine white would go well with smaller bedrooms might be too stark when it comes to comparatively larger ones. If you have a soft corner for ivory but afraid of it being too dull on your bedroom, you can opt for a regal contrast- combining ivory with a rich crimson. The effect will always be dramatic oozing a romantic feel across the room. In fact, ivory can be contrasted with other bright shades as well like tangerine or lavender or say navy blue.

Tips for setting up a home bar

home barIf you are constructing a new home then you will definitely want to decorate your home in the most attractive and unique way. There are many ways in which you can decorate your home. Keeping pace with the modern trend setting up a home bar is a really good way of decorating your home in the most attractive way. A home bar will add an aesthetic sense to the beauty and appearance of your home. But if you decide to set up a bar in your home, then there are few things you should keep in mind before you start work on your home bar.

To set up a perfect home bar, it is very important that you use the correct accessories for your bar. The first thing that comes is the space management. Depending on the space available for the home bar, you should start working on the construction of your home bar. You should build the perfect shelves and cabinets for your bar. The cabinets and accessories should be built in compliance with the interior of the rest of the house. the shelves you build should be strong enough to take the load of bottles containing drinks and wines. You can decorate the shelves with mirror on all sides to create an awesome appearance.

Nice spot lights and over head glass holders for keeping wine glasses and other types of glasses are the perfect accessories for your home bar. A round counter top with high end chairs will give your home bar a perfect finish and aesthetic appearance. Cork openers, glass coasters, etc are the few accessories that are essential for your home bars. You should do a little research while setting up a home bar to make it completely perfect.

How to construct bamboo cabinets for your kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet, kitchen decorBamboo is one of the most easily available versatile construction materials ever available. It is as strong as hardwood and is highly tensile. The properties of bamboo are many and since its one of the members of the grass species it grows up faster than other varieties of wood and is also very eco friendly. Bamboo can be used to construct cabinets and furniture at home easily. In order to give that tropical décor bamboo is perfect.

Bamboo stalks cut in half and joined together to form the cabinet doors are very attractive. If bamboo is seems to be difficult to work with one can also go for bamboo ply that is available in the market and work on plans for creating that perfect bamboo cabinet. Bamboo fiber and fabric made out of it can be used to accessorize the cabinet too. Before getting to work on the cabinet it is always best to lay out the plans for its construction first.

Tips for building an outdoor shed

Build an outdoor shed, home improvementIf you have some extra space in your garden or backyard or even if you have some property outside your home, you can utilize this space to create and build an outdoor shed. You can use this outdoor shed for various purposes like a tool shed, storage space, a room for you to work, a room for a study or you can even make it in such a way so that you can turn it into a mini green house.

You need to use the right kind of tools and materials and design so that you can save some money as well. Use plywood OSB sliding panels. The advantage you’ll get is that you won’t have to place any additional leather covering underneath for these panels. Invest in simple arched windows to save space and material and also your foundation can be made of wood with simple lamination. This will be cheaper than using cement for the entire foundation base.

Working with a resident architect

Hire a residential architect,  Home DesignsWhen hiring a residential architect there are some things which you should keep in mind. First of all you need to find a good agency or a company which is reputed and knows what kind of work to do in residential project. First of all, sit down with the architect and tell him or her, what you exactly want your residential project to turn out to be. After that, tell the architect to make out a rough deal about it. Later, both of you should sit down and make changes and innovative additions into the project.

Once that is done, both of you can visit the site together and adjust to the rough idea accordingly. Make sure that the architect has enough experience in such projects. Tell him or her to bring out a few examples and pictures or videos regarding his earlier projects. If you’re satisfied, then sign the contracts. Negotiate the terms and conditions and make sure that it is a successful venture.

Tips to design the interiors of a summerhouse

Interior decor of a summerhouse, home decorThe interior of a house should be as soothing as possible during the summer time. The inside of the house should be able to give a certain feeling of an oasis when the outside is like a burning hell. The weather can be very relentless at days during the summer and there is no other place in the world that could comfort you as much as your own home.

The first thing that has to be considered for the summer décor is the color scheme of the house. You have to make sure that the walls of the house are adorned by soothing colors that should be of lighter shades. Colors like azure, magenta or lemon yellow are the best choices for coloring the house. If you have light colors you will be able to have a relaxing atmosphere inside the house. Make sure you have nice blinds in the windows for keeping the sun away.

Glam up your home with a spiral stair case

spiral stair case, home careA spiral stair case is not only elegant to look at but also has numerous benefits attached to it. The advantage of spiral stair case is that it saves space and is perfect for small houses. Spiral stair cases do not take up as much space like the regular normal stair case and gives you enough space to do up your home in a classy way. You can opt for a spiral stair kit with which you can install a spiral stair case more quickly than normal stair case. It looks excellent and adds a sophisticated look which will altogether change the look of your house.

You can choose the material of the spiral stair case according to your preference and budget. You can opt for either wood which looks majestic or metal which more likely gives a modern contemporary look. Spiral stair case brings in a refreshing change to your house giving it a new look which is a mixture of sophistication, elegance and posh look.