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Ideas on eco-friendly home construction

eco-friendly home, home designWith increasing importance given to the ecology many have shifted to eco friendly means of construction. There are many ways of doing this and among them some are:

1. Using cement heavy in fly ash content during home construction. Fly ash is of practically no use in nature and can be used to construct by using copious amounts of them in cement.
2. Using recycled wood and bamboo instead of actual wood is also one way of being eco friendly. Bamboo is fast growing and is as strong as hardwood. Recycling material to use for home insulating is a good way of being eco friendly.
3. Constructing rainwater shed or harvesting method to supply the water needs on a rainy day can help conserve water. Even solar heaters put up during construction can be a wonderful asset to the co friendly home.
4. Installing double paned insulating windows can also cut up energy costs and is very essential for eco friendly homes in the cold regions.

An Account On A Garden Shed Plan

Garden Shed Plan, Garden ShedGarden sheds prove to be most useful for storing your garden equipment, clutter you cannot accommodate in your house, or maybe a workspace of your own amidst the tranquillity of your beautiful garden. So if you want to have a perfect garden shed, you should make a garden shed plan.

Firstly you select what material your shed will be of. You can use wood for a classic look, or plastic which is much cheaper. Rotting of wood is inevitable if in contact with earth directly, so it is preferable to make a garden shed on a concrete base. Secondly you should check with the local authority for building regulations to avoid problems later. Thirdly the doors and windows should be made according to your purpose. Big doors are needed if you store bulky items in your shed. Proper ventilation and abundance of light is a prime factor for your secluded workspace. Strength and longevity of your shed depends upon your detailing of the plan.

The green building movement

Most of the contractors are now focusing on concrete because it has some remarkable properties which can save the environment and reduce global effect. Concrete is obtained from limestone which is available abundantly in the earth. So the concrete can be obtained locally and it is not necessary to transport it. Due to several researches it has been found that the concrete can be made from ashes which are a waste material. Due to this the waste material like ash is utilized for good purpose and the spread of waste on earth reduces.

Concrete can be recycled and utilized again in applications like roads or sidewalks. The waste of the concrete like broken slab or the damaged slabs are crushed and then utilized for different applications. Concrete also has the property of absorbing heat and reflecting light due to which the cost of heating and cooling reduces, because during day time it absorbs heat and in the night it releases heat.

Green construction and extensive benefits

Green construction is really in these days. People have realized the extensive benefits of green construction. These buildings are free of toxic compounds. This is also the reason that the green structure is referred to as environmentally safe by the experts. The construction can effectively create a beautiful and cleaner atmosphere in houses and offices. None of the chemical substances are used for construction. You can protect your family against air pollution in a green building.

All eco-friendly houses are partially run via advanced solar panel tools and technology. Sunlight is used for lighting and heating. Sun light is also utilized for heating water. Green houses are easier to sell. People these days prefer eco-friendly homes due to their efficiency to save energy. You would also enjoy tax savings. Additionally you can enjoy efficiency for home appliances. Water usage can also be reduced via landscaping. Renewable materials are used for green construction.

The Advantages of having Solar Panels

The modern technology has come up with several things to offer to boost the life of a normal human being. The idea of solar panels has come up the idea of living a life which is eco friendly. The concept is to live and to make the world a better place to live at the same time. It can prove to be a great addition to the house of any individual. There are various types of solar panels that are available in the modern market.

It is for the users to select the type that they would like to use the most. The price range varies depending on the type of solar panel. There are various designs available as well. This factor has enabled people from all parts of the world to take benefits from the solar panel and to decorate their house at the same time. This new addition must not be missed.

Building a gazebo

If you have a good enough garden, and don’t mind staying in there at odd times, you can build your own gazebos. These were favorites of ancient and medieval emperors who had sprawling gardens to roam in. Gazebos are built in octagonal fashion, with only the roof as shelter. There is complete freedom of space as it has no walls. These replicated follies and rotundas in ancient periods.

You may place a coffee table and two chaise chairs to make it assuring enough. During evenings, flowers prepare to call it a day and lend out glorious fragrance. Thus spending your evening over coffee in gazebos is smartly refreshing. You can also have tent-like structures if money is a factor.

For grandeur, you can add an ionic dome at the roof, and a little coop for birds to sit. A bamboo gazebo can also be created at less expense in temperate areas, where sun is not terribly harsh.

Things to consider while purchasing eco-friendly construction materials

nullWhile purchasing eco-friendly construction materials for building your green home, the first thing you have to do is to gain sufficient knowledge about the available materials, so that you can differentiate between good materials and better materials. Another thing you should consider is that the material you are looking for should be near your construction area, so that you do not contribute to fuel consumption and air pollution by transporting your materials from a far off place. The construction materials you are purchasing should also come from a renewable source and the processing done for preparing that materials should be efficient and non-toxic.

The materials should be water resistant so that the mold and rot grown on it do not affect your health. If you have considered using reclaimed or recycled materials for your construction, then you should use air monitoring device that will check the quality of air inside your home.

Technology of green paint for the painting contractors

nullPaint manufacturers have made significant efforts in reformulating the paints and thus, there is a huge variety of green paints that the painting contractors can choose from. These paints are a result of several years of research on polymers, leading to an improved latex paint which eliminates the usage of toxic solvents. As these paints are made without any harmful solvents, the quality of air is maintained during and also after the painting application project, providing protection to the painting contractors as well as building tenants.

Another important thing about green paints is that they contain little or zero volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These are harmful materials affecting the environment, causing health related risks to the human beings and polluting the air. Biocidal products containing nearly zero organic solvents are another area of advancement, allowing paints to be manufactured more safely and applied more easily by the painting contractors.