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Using oriental carpets and rugs in your house

oriental carpets and rugsOriental carpets and rugs are very much popular among the home owners because of their versatility, durability and unique nature. They can add a very sophisticated and traditional look to the beauty of any room. These types of carpets and rugs are prepared in a totally different way. They are mostly made of silk and wool.

Mainly the oriental carpets and rugs are hand made by skilled craftsmen. Each has a very unique and attractive design of their own. The oriental designs have a very count of knot that the other counterparts. The colors of the oriental carpets and rugs are very much vibrant. They dyes used can be natural as well as synthetic. Very careful maintenance is required since the oriental carpets and rugs are very much prone to fading.

They must be kept away from tremendous exposure of the sunlight to prevent damage. Few chemicals and other specific substances should be kept away from these carpets and rugs to prevent severe damage.

Instructions before installing carpet on stairs

nullThe two main methods of installing the carpet on stairs are waterfall method and cap and band method. In the first method, each riser and tread is covered by one piece of carpet while in the latter one, cap covers the treads and band covers the risers. Below are some guidelines to install the carpet by waterfall method on basic stairs. You will require various tools like nails, measuring tape, tack strips, stair tool, hammer, utility knife and safety glasses.

First of all you need to remove the old carpet completely along with the tack strips and old padding. Then before you start installing the carpet calculate the amount of carpet you will require to cover your stair. If you are going to make use of carpet pad then add 3 inches per stair and if there is nosing then add at least 1 foot to the flight measurement. Such precautions make the installation of carpet on the stairs easy.