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How to waterproof your basement for new construction

waterproof your basementWhile your house is being constructed make sure the basement floors are waterproofed. By doing so you will know that your house has resistance to water seepage. If your house was already built a long time back then you need to take certain measures to make sure the basement is waterproofed. Although both the insides and outsides of the house should be waterproofed, dealing with only the insides also helps a great deal. The older materials in your basement should be replaced with the modern, sophisticated ones.

The best way is to hire a professional for this job. If you’re planning to do the waterproofing yourself, then you should first install an efficient membrane system which will deal with the cracks and protect the interior and exterior foundations of your house. You have to find ways of directing the flow of water away from the inside of the basement to the outside.

Acoustic Tile Ceilings in Finished Basements

Acoustic Tile for Ceilings stand out due to the diversity they exhibit in terms of colors, styles and varieties and their robust resistance to extraneous sounds. They lend a dramatic look. Fissured tile in line with corduroy fabric, slate, pebbles, swirls, stucco etc are available for finished basements. The suspended acoustic tile ceilings can be dressed up using various edge treatments that are available. Near about seamless look can be obtained by pressing into service twelve inches square tiles interlocked in specific patterns. Acoustical tile ceilings can bring about a transformation of the interior décor in a short time span.

Suspended grid ceilings perfectly complement finished basements by offering access to concealed utilities like electrical wirings and plumbing fixtures that may be required to work upon at a later date. Certain acoustic tiles are washable and can be easily maintained by cleaning. Some are not, so the options should be carefully weighted keeping the specific décor of the basement in mind.

How to install basement sub-floors

nullA basement floor is treated below grade and often made of cold and hard concrete material. This is the result it is cold. Many times home owners prefer just putting down carpet on to the floor directly. But sometimes if you want your floor to be dry and warm than you need to consider putting down a sub floor.

Basement sub-floors are nothing but a polystyrene sheet of suitable thickness. This polystyrene sheet is directly laid down on the floor and then covered with plywood. Than fasten these things down via the pre drilled holes right into the basement floors. When this is done, you would have a good, warm and solid wooden basement floor and now you could lay down any kind of flooring on to it. Only problem with it is that polystyrene along with the plywood layers would raise the floor. Basements heights being always on the lower side, it turns out the major disadvantage of this method.

How to insulate your basement?

nullTraditional basements which are made of concrete and stone are very poor insulators. They have very less insulation co efficient. Non insulated basements always causes considerable amount of heat loss. Insulation of the basement will show you the difference by displaying results in the form of warm basements and the floor above it to be comfortable enough to walk on thereby reducing heat loss. This will save your money due to heating bills.

There are certain steps to insulate your basement. These are as follows –

• Although putting insulation on the bare wall may seem simple & a pretty thing to do you should always take some time before you start your insulation job.

• You should look for cracks and structural defects and faults in the wall.

• You should observe for water leakages.

• You should repair leakages and other problem before insulating otherwise it will create a huge problem after few years.

• You should also look for other problems which could be a problem for insulation and find out a way to deal with it.

How to fix basement leaks?

nullNow days, basement water leakages have become very common problem in many households. Home owners are often frustrated by the basement leakages. There are many causes of these basement leakages. One of the major reasons of basement leak is basement wall cracking. Your expensive possessions can be destroyed or ruined by due to water leakage in the basement. This is a case with electronics possessions too which may also lead to electricity leakage or short circuit disaster. Therefore it is very essential for finding out the cracks and fixing it as soon as possible.

There are few steps that are to be followed to fix basement water leaks.

• You should clean your basement first.

• Remove toxins like algae completely. Uncontaminated basement is essential for proper fixing.

• Clean and seal cracks with crack seal glue.

• Inject polyurethane using cartridges.

• Water it so as to solidify.

• Remove crack seal glue after solidification.

Still, in case, if the damage seems overwhelming, find a San Diego plumber or a city near you

Points to keep in mind while choosing basement sump and pump system.

nullIf you reside in an area which is low lying and is likely to get wet and flooded then an excellent base sump and pump system is your prerequisite. A basement pump and sump system is an integrated and dedicated system which ensures that your basement is never flooded. Basements if flooded can lead to costly repairs. To avoid this basement sump and pump system is a must.

There are several factors that one should consider before purchasing a basement sump and pump system.
Housing of the sump and pump system varies. There are options from plastic to metal frame housing. The metal housing is long lasting but costly.

The power measurements and requirements of the sump and pump system are different. It is independent of the house size or basement size but depends on the amount of flood water collected in the basement which needs to be removed.
Switch and float system should be very good. This helps to save money due to future fixes.