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5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance TipsCheck up of the air conditioner is equally important as compared to your health check up. If your health suffers you need to see a doctor similarly if the air conditioner does not work properly it has to be checked by the specialists of air conditioner. Maintenance of the air conditioner from time to time is significant. You can also benefit from additional cost while saving the money. Window air conditioners and split air conditioners require similar maintenance. Some home strategies for maintenance of air conditioner are as follows:

Surely the task appears to be daunting but not impossible. Inspection of the air conditioner and then cleaning the air conditioner or doing the repair work is the first step. Cleaning of the filter is a must. Airflow is restricted if the filter is clogged with dust. You need to get your system of HVAC inspected by professional at least once a year. Coil should be free of dirt; the area of unit should be clear off by any trees around two feet, pans of condensate area should be clean to a solution of bleach and water. The unit of condenser should not be sprinkled with sprinklers of lawn and water from well the work of condenser fast.

In depth maintenance of the air conditioner involves:

• Conditioner clean up followed by its checking of the settings – regular cleaning of the condenser followed by closing of the vent of fresh air has to be followed. Professional help can be considered.

• Load of air conditioner needs checking – appliances which emit light should be shut down if not in use as the appliances radiate heat which increases the consumption of units of the air conditioners.

• Right temperature and insulation of the air conditioner – correct installation of the room is important for the location of the air conditioner where it is placed. Ideal temperature is required for air conditioner.

• Buying a new air conditioner than using the old one with repair work – sometimes the cost of the repair work of old air conditioner does not seem worth and investing in a new air conditioner is the only safe bet.

There are certain tips which come in handy along with the maintenance of air conditioner which is to keep the ceiling fan switched on along with air conditioner for easing off the load. Installing the air conditioner in a non cramped place and in a spot where it is shaded helps. Before the summers come you need to clean in the filters. There should not be any gaps from which the leakage of cool air can easily occur. A cover to protect the air conditioner if not used throughout the year is ideal for any damage. But the cover should not hinder the flow of the air with secured attaching with the unit. Coils have to be air dried after it has been cleaned. Use a fin comb for straightening the coil of the fins which bend from time to time.

Tips to clean ductless Air conditioner

AC maintenance, Air conditionerAre you having issues with cleaning the air conditioner of your room because it does not have ducts? Here are some easy tips that will make sure that you can handle ductless AC and clean it without any trouble. Ductless AC offers better cooling and thus need better maintenance. Dust, dirt, dry leaves and other particles are the main things that should be cleaned off.

First, you need to firmly get the cover of coil removed. Loose dust particles can be removed by vacuum and use coil brush to make any bend fin straight. Now put on the cover as it was on the device. Next, you can use a vacuum to clean the inner air openings to get rid of dirt and dust. Some filters can be washed and placed back after completely drying. You must read the user manual properly to know correct method of cleaning the filter. These simple ways will make sure the AC works efficiently and saves electricity as well.

Problems of HVAC repairs

We all want to have a cool and refreshing summer. For that air conditioning our homes is very necessary. To avoid the scorching heat of summers from getting to us, when we come home, all we look for is a cool and calm place to come and unwind. And that place is home. If our air conditioner is out of order, we feel that living inside the house is like living in a furnace. While having an air conditioner is like a life saver, there are many problems which people face. Air and water leakages are always a problem. They also might turn out to be pretty hazardous.

A dirty airway is a problem as well if your home is centrally air conditioned. Also you need to make sure that you don’t have a rat problem. Rodents tend to make homes in cool and dark places and the air conditioning box is a perfect habitat for them – this can hinder the performance of your air conditioner. While repairing, you always need professional help as if you do it wrong even in the slightest way, you might break it.

Air conditioning filters – the crucial part of AC.

nullIt is absolutely vital that you take ensure that all the equipments that you are using at your home are health-friendly. Your health and your family’s health are of utmost importance. The health of your family and the effectiveness of air conditioners filter are directly related. Your family’s well being can get affected if the filter of your air conditioner is stale or is not in good condition.

There are so many situations where you are exposed to health risks. Driving car, meeting people, traveling in plane are some of them. However you can ensure clean and healthy air at your home at least by simply changing your air conditioner filter very regularly and properly. Air conditioner filters ensure that air pollutants does not enter your home and helps you breath as pure air as it can get. However if it is outdated than it can be clogged resulting poor air quality. Thus air conditioners filter should be changed on time.

Difficulties faced during the process of upgrading a central AC unit.

nullIf you are thinking of upgrading your central air conditioner unit or replacing it then ask the one who had gone through this process before. Then, you will come to know about it in great detail including the difficulties faced while doing so.

Based on many experiences it is very clear that process of upgrading a central air conditioning unit is a very confusing process. This will end up causing a very high expense along with the lack of satisfaction and not 100 % confident about the decision. This makes it very difficult for the end customers for pricing comparison, shopping for the perfect match as per the requirement and education about variety of options available. The most important step to upgrade your central AC unit is to find a reliable and trusted service provider. This can be done by sharing information from friends and colleagues who had already went through this process before. If such friends are not available, then you are in deep trouble. Lots of research will help you.

Points to be considered before Air conditioning replacements

nullAir conditioning system is basically a luxurious accessory used at home, offices, colleges etc for added comfort. Air conditioners provide precise temperature control, humidity control, clean and purified air environment and much more. It totally depends on your choice and budget and requirement as what type of air conditioner suits your premises the best. Air conditioners have electronics and mechanical components and parts which are very delicate and fragile. Like all mechanical and electrical instruments even air conditioners are not made to last for entire life time. Thus even air conditioners are subjected to aging.

However for home owners, in case when the air conditioner is too old and over-used, then it makes it difficult for them to make a decision whether to replace air conditioners or repair it. If the air conditioner is out of warranty then one should always go for replacement as repair would be costly.

Deep ocean tube air circulation a centralized urban air conditioner

nullOne of the advantages of living on the shores is that you can enjoy the cool freeze if you are living on the east coast and off shore breeze if you leave near the west coast. But sometimes the temperature can rise at such places making it very hot in these coastal areas. When the temperature is high, people resort to modern cooling equipments like coolers and air conditioners. Though these equipments serve the purpose, they consume great amount of electricity.

However, by using simple physics the temperature around coastal areas can be controlled. By simply running pipes down the ocean floor containing cold water, temperature rise can be nullified. This cool water will cool the pipe and thereby the air flowing through it in to the city. Thus temperature in the city can be controlled without too much of additional energy. This is an energy efficient way of getting rid of hot atmospheric conditions.