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How to Clean Cork and Wood Laminate Floors

Image showing Cleaning laminate floor
How to Clean laminate floor

When it comes for cleaning wood and cork laminated floors, home owners are needed to perform the task enduring more of patience. The job of cleaning cork laminate floors should be perform correctly as it take minimal amount of time for completing. It’s advisable of using correct things, materials and tools so that you can have a better process in your home. We all know that crock laminate floors are more of well-known throughout the world.

And when it comes for cleaning the wood laminate floors, they are highly durable in nature and offers with varieties of flooring look for any home. In fact you have now the choice of selecting your type of wooden laminate flooring option that is suitable to the interiors of your home. But, if you don’t know how to maintain and properly clean it you’ll be definitely pleased by learning the steps stated further for the cleaning process. Here are the steps on cleaning cork laminate floors and wood laminate floor with ease and simple tricks.

Things you’ll need for the process:

  • Water
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Sponge mop
  • Laminate safe floor cleaning solution
  • Dust mop
  • Simple mop

Process of cleaning cork laminate floors:

  • Start the process by cleaning the surface of the floor. Make the use of dust mop and gently run it on the surface for cleaning any accumulated debris and residue on the floor. It is important to perform as the dust mop offers in cleaning and capturing most of the dust particles off the surface.
  • Make sure of using a clean mop first before you head ahead. Step 2 is to make the use of vacuuming. It’s advisable of using a beater brush attachment in your vacuum. Next is to vacuum the surface of the floor after the floor is deeply cleaned by the mop. This will simply help you in knowing the actual and through cleaning process of the floor.
  • The final touch is by mopping the surface. Wet the mop a bit and run it on the surface of the floor. It’s advisable of using Luke warm water for making the cleaning process. Repeat the process for several times for enjoying a streak free surface of your floor.

Process of cleaning wood laminate floors:

  • Begin the cleaning process by mopping the surface of your wooden laminate floors. Give a thorough dusting to the floor before you start vacuuming and mopping with the wet ones. This will help you in removing any accumulated debris off the surface.
  • Before you start using the floor cleaner on the surface, make sure to read the instruction manual and the expiry date too of the cleaner. It is important for making sure that you’re safe enough for using it on the floors.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on the surface of the floor and make the use of sponge mop. Don’t forget to pay attention on the special areas of the floor. Apply the last finishing touch to the wood laminate floors for enjoying the best of it at your home.

How To Replace Your Faucet

Tips of replacing your faucet
Process of replacing your faucet

It’s right time to replace your faucet if it dripping heavily or if it has a reduced flow. You cannot remain just the way it is and waste so much of water. It doesn’t matter whether it is in your bathroom or in your kitchen sink if your faucet is dripping heavily, without any wait, you need to replace your faucet. If you are worried about the cost of replacing a faucet which you have to give to professional then you need not to worry about that. Replacing g your faucet is a simple, quick and DIY job. You just need some tools and need to have bit of skills and you will be done with replacing your faucet by yourself. Here is a simple process on how to replace your faucet.

  • Check your sink

Before replacing your faucet, you need to check how many openings are there and also see how far they are. You will have to check under the sink for checking this thing. If you are going to replace your faucet of bathroom then there will be two handles which might be joined together with spot for becoming a single unit. They can also be apart from one another. If you want to replace your faucet correctly, you might need this information.

  • Buy new faucet

You might be using your faucet since a long period of time and when you are replacing it, you will be again using it for long period of time only and hence it is advisable to replace it with quality one only. There are various range of faucets available in the market but choose the one which is of good quality and would last properly without any need of repair. When we are talking about good faucet, it doesn’t need to be fancy and trendy but the one with good mechanism.

  • Bring the exact match

Before bringing the new faucet, you must check the old and bring the new one which will fit in your home. You are bringing this costly new faucet but it will not fit in there. This will be useless. If you are not aware about the types of faucet ad which will fit in your home then it is advisable to take the old one with you in the store and ask the person over there to give you the exact replacement.

  • Remove the old faucet

It is very essential to remove the old faucet first before you go on for replacing your faucet. You might need the screw driver for this. Remove the screws of your old faucet and very smoothly without damaging any parts remove the old faucet. Make sure to switch off the main switch before you start replacing your faucet.

  • Install new faucet

Once you are done with removing the old faucet, you must take the new faucet and attach at the same place from you removed the old one. You can use the same screws you removed for fixing the new one.

Choices For Hardwood Floor Finishes

Professional installing hardwood floor finish
Installation of hardwood floor finish

We are not getting into the discussion about how hardwood flooring is amazing, have great looks and how homeowners love them. This is very basic and everyone knows this facts. What actually we are going to discuss here in this article is about the maintenance and finish needs which hardwood floor wants to keep it look beautiful. The need of hardwood finishes also depends upon the wear and tear it goes through. The level of wear and tear is also one of the factors deciding the type of hardwood floor finish to opt for. A home with just two people needs hardwood floor finish to be done every 10 years whereas a home with 2 people, kids and a pet needs to be refinished every three to four years. If your hardwood floor finish is dull and needs to be refinished and you are checking the options for types of hardwood floor finish then refer this article and see whether it helps you out or not.

Types of hardwood floor finishes

  • Shellac

One of the major benefits of opting for this hardwood floor finish is that they are really very much easy to work with. This also has very less amount of harmful VOCs. If you are tight on your budget then one of the good news is that, shellac hardwood floor finish is also budget friendly option. Repairs in case of this finish are also very easy and instant. However on the other side, these are not considered as durable option and they needs to be recoated at some definite period of time. Majority of shellac have wax and hence they cannot be refinished with modern products. If there are any scratches on the surface of shellac hardwood floor then it can be easily fixed by just rubbing the scratches with denatured alcohol.

  • Aluminum oxide

This hardwood floor finish is considered as one of the strongest finish. These are available only in pre finished wooden planks. Applying this hardwood floor finish is not a DIY job and you will need a professional to get the job done. Applying this hardwood floor finish will need certain special techniques like application of mild grits, heavy grits and sanding. The normal durability period of aluminum oxide is of 25 years and probably after you need to replace your old flooring.

  • Penetrating oil sealer

Penetrating oil sealers are in the market since centuries and they are popular for protection of moisture proof wood. These hardwood floor finishes is very much easy to apply and is also very easy for spot touch up and also snap. It can be cost effective as it is a DIY job. It consists of non-toxic elements having very mild odor. But on the other side these are not considered as much durable finish and they have to refinish every two to three years. There is a need of application of three coats and the drying time between the coats is also very high.


Benefits And Drawbacks of Wood Carport

Benefits and drawbacks of wood carport
Pros and cons of wood carport

If you are considering installing carport in your home, you would have variety of range of materials. This can be quite an issue as when you have lots of choices; you will be stuck in confusion and won’t be able to decide as to which material to opt for. However the material you choose should basically satisfy two major things one is looks and another one is durability. You can get both this things in wood carport. Wood as a material is never laid back when it comes about good looks. The aesthetic appeal that wood carport give, cannot be compared with any other types of carport. However you also have to pay the price for the same. Wood carport is also strong enough and is also considered among one of the sturdiest materials. However it also has to be maintained to make it long lasting. Well there are two sides of a coin and in a similar there are also two sides of wood carport. If you are thinking of installing wood carport in your home, you must be aware of the positives and negatives of it.


  • DIY construction

Well whenever we consider any new installation in our home, it always comes with added cost. There are many homeowners who are handy person and always look for DIY installation to at least save up on that cost. If you are one of those home owners looking to save money by opting for DIY installation then wood carport is the best option that you are looking for. Construction of wood carport is very much easy and for more ease, you can purchase precut wood materials saving you from all the mess of measuring and cutting the material of that size.

  • Appealing look

As compared with other types of carport, wood carport looks damn good. One of the major benefits of wood carport is that they blend in with any kind of home exterior which is not the case with metal and aluminum carports. Wood carport looks good with modern homes and it can also look good with old and traditional homes.

  • Strong and long lasting

Not only carport but any structure which is made out of wood will be strong enough to pass the test of time and prove itself to be very long lasting. Wood carport will not have denting issue and they can also stand in extreme weather conditions like strong winds. If properly treated, wood carport will also not have issues of insect damage or water damage.


  • Care and maintenance

The only problem with wood carport is of care and maintenance. You cannot leave it and don’t pay focus after its installation. If you have wood carport in your home, you have to be extra careful and pay attention to it. There are various things that have to be taken care about wood carport. You need to paint it and stain it in timely manner to save it from moisture issues and insect damage. This can prove to be expensive at times.

Several Types Of Roofing For Your Home

Types of roofingThere are many types of roofing available for your home and hence it makes choosing the right type of roofing more difficult for you. While choosing the type of roofing, you must consider asking several things which can help you make the right decision for choosing the right type of roofing for you. Ask how long the roof will last as longevity of the roof is one of the important subject matter while choosing the right type of roofing.  Another thing to ask is can it withstand strongly against the natural disasters like storm or wild fire. Durability of the roofing is very essential element while choosing the right type of roofing for your home. Another essential element to be seen in roofing is that does it have enough slopes. Seeing just these type of matters is not enough, looks is also one such essential element for choosing the type of roof for your home. Choose the type of roof which complements with the style of your home. However perfect type of roofing you find it is useless if the local building codes do not allow you to opt thus before installing any type of roofing in your home, it is necessary to check the local building code limit. After everything is checked, the main important matter is the pricing is the pricing of the type of roofing you selected is within your budget. Here are some of the types of roofing for your home from which you can choose the one most favorable.

  • Mansard roofing

Mansard roofing is a type of roofing which is made up of four slopes. Two slopes are placed on each side of the home. The lower slope of such type of roofing is steeper and it is also more vertical than the upper slope. The upper slope of mansard roofing is such which might or might event not be visible from the ground. This style of roofing is French and it allows you with additional space for storage or living at the top of the house. Thus if you willing to have any additional space then you must opt for such type of roofing and use that space as an extra bedroom or even storage room to put your extra stuff in there.

  • Gambrel roofing

This type of roofing is such which very much similar to the mansard roofing. The main difference between both of them is that gambrel has vertical gable ends and the roof hangs over the main façade of your home. Whereas, on a contrary, mansard roofing does not have such kind of things.

  • Saltbox roofing

The name of such type of roofing is of course very interesting and so is the look. The exterior look of such types of roofing is very innovative and interesting. This type of roofing is asymmetrical long pitched roof with one side very short and one side very long. This is on a whole very neat and unique design.


Most Common Leak Locations

Roof leaksRoof leak is one of the most serious troubles for the home owner. Finding out a leak in the roof is also a difficult thing to do and if it is such a location and in such a weather. But finding out roof leaks can be easy if you go through the below mentioned tips. Here are some of the most common locations where you can find leaks in your roof.

  • The field of shingles

If your roof is since a long period of time then it might be possible that you find the leak in the roof field. This includes the slates, shakes and even the expanse of shingles. If your home is having roof made up of asphalt then you can easily walk on your roof. But if it is made up of other materials such as clay tile, concrete tile, or slate then it might be possible to walk easily on the surface of such roof. Your roof might get cracked if you walk on roofs made up with such materials. If you are having regular shingles then have a look at the top of the vertical knockouts. You can find for missing colored granules. Try to find out the crack. Take proper time and have a look at all of these signs.

  • Valleys

Valley is such a line where there is an intersection of two roof planes. Many of the times metal flashing is used in the valleys. While some areas use rolled roofing. While others simply use the shingles. Valleys ought to be a great if shingles are not trimed in an appropriate manner.   While trimming a shingle for the purpose of valley, you usually end up with a chisel point at the end of the shingle. In this situation you need to make a second cut like a pointed arrow. If you fail to do so then water can travel along the top of the shingle and get its way to enter the house. The shingle wrapper will guide as to how to make this second cut.

  • Head wall flashings

There is certain roof which stops at a vertical wall. A metal flashing must be placed in such a place that it directs water to stream down the wall away from the stopping points of the shingles. The flashing may be found in front of a brick wall or behind the wood siding.

  • Chimneys

These chimneys are source for leaks in many houses. Chimney has four different kind of flashing. All of this four should be perfect or your roof will have a leak. Along with that the counter flashing which goes into the mortar of brick joint must also be proper. A small amount of crack lets the huge amount of water to seep into your house and create a great difficulty for you. Also check out at the soldered corners of the flashing as may have damaged or contain holes. Make sure you don’t use a caulk to repair the flashing. As it might be a good option to do.