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Never ever forget to ask these questions before your hire a construction company

hiring construction companiesIf you’re about to start a construction project then obviously you’re investing a lot of money into it. So it is crucial that you hire a good builder for the job. You can trust a builder who is recommended by a friend or a family member. But otherwise you should make sure that the builder is right for the job. There are various things that you should ask your builder before hiring. If you hire a good builder for the project then you won’t have to worry much about the project but if you hire a deceitful builder then you’ll find that you’re spending more money on the project than you should have spent. Also a bad builder would not do the job properly which can become a problem for you. If you’ve never hired a construction company for any project before then below are some questions that you should definitely ask your builder before you hire him for the job :

• The first thing that you should ask your builder is whether he has got a license or not. It is needless to say that you should only hire a builder who has license. Many people hire builders who aren’t licensed simply because of the fact that they would have to spend less on builders who aren’t licensed than on licensed builders. There are quite a number of incidents where someone had to face problems for hiring unlicensed builders.

• You should check whether a builder has had problems after they completed a project before. By asking this you’ll be able to know that whether a builder a reliable or not. You will also get an idea of how good their work is.

• A very important thing that you should ask your builder is whether at some point they were bankrupt. A bankrupt company can quit suddenly after starting the project leaving it unfinished. If that happens then you’d have to find another builder who will complete the project. This can be hard because oftentimes construction companies are unwilling to take up such a project.

• After that you should ask your builder whether they are based near the area where the construction will take place. If a builder has to travel a distance to reach the place then sometimes they might not take up the project but if they do, they might have to hire people for the job who might not be able to do a good job.

• After that you should ask who will be supervising the construction. You should make sure that the person has a clean record and is professional.

• You should ask the builder if you can see a project that they have completed. If you see such specimens you’ll know about the quality of their work and you’ll also know whether the builder is experienced at the type of work he’ll be doing for you. You can ask for feedback from that company’s clients.

• You should also ask your builder if they’ll be involved in other projects when they’ll be working on your project.

How To Choose Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom TilesPlanning and upgrading the bathroom is not an easy task. Bathroom is often the most neglected rooms of the house, even though you are full of enthusiasm initially. Unlike, the other rooms in the house the tiles for the bathroom are particularly different. A lot of care has to be taken before and after selecting the tile for your bathroom. Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom needs some careful consideration. Here are some simple factors that you would like to consider while buying tiles for your bathroom.

• Material of the tiles: it is important for you to know that when using tiles for flooring of the bathroom, not all tiles are suitable. Thus, the material of the tile should be your top most priority to decide which tile to buy. There is high moisture content in the bathroom so a material that shall be suitable for the same should be bought. You need tiles that will not wear off because of the moisture. However, if high humidity strips such as lamination is used it might make the floors very slippery when wet. This can lead to accidents. The glossy mosaic tiles work well on floors of your bathroom because they are easy to clean and provide traction. The characteristics of natural stones, ceramics and porcelain make them ideal ones for this purpose.

• The size of the tile: the size of the tile is also an equally important factor you have to consider. Tiles that are big in size are ideally for wall decorations and to be used on walls. Big tiles are not very suitable for floor use. Sizes usually that are 12 by 12 inches allow perfect drainage channels. Tiles that are relatively larger in size allow a lot of water to accumulate and pools to form. Thus, big tiles would mean that you will have to drain the water every time you are through with the time.

• Color palette: the best bathroom tiles are those that have the right color of the tiles. A bathroom with white tiles provides best reflection. It also enhances the beauty and visibility of the bathroom. Even floors that are dull colored make the bathroom look very uncomfortable. So, choose colors that are bright and light for your bathroom tiles.

• Design of the floor: the concept of the bathroom should also be based on the overall concept of the home. The designs that have been used in the house should blend in with the design you use for the bathroom. Choose a design that is beautiful and you know about. Hence, you know that the bathroom design is also an important factor that you would like to consider.

• Trying the internet: today, internet is loaded with pictures and ideas of tiles that would go well with the bathroom. There are many websites that are available. They dedicate their time to offer you the best information and idea regarding bathroom tiles. So, try their services and use their recommendation before purchasing any.

5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance TipsCheck up of the air conditioner is equally important as compared to your health check up. If your health suffers you need to see a doctor similarly if the air conditioner does not work properly it has to be checked by the specialists of air conditioner. Maintenance of the air conditioner from time to time is significant. You can also benefit from additional cost while saving the money. Window air conditioners and split air conditioners require similar maintenance. Some home strategies for maintenance of air conditioner are as follows:

Surely the task appears to be daunting but not impossible. Inspection of the air conditioner and then cleaning the air conditioner or doing the repair work is the first step. Cleaning of the filter is a must. Airflow is restricted if the filter is clogged with dust. You need to get your system of HVAC inspected by professional at least once a year. Coil should be free of dirt; the area of unit should be clear off by any trees around two feet, pans of condensate area should be clean to a solution of bleach and water. The unit of condenser should not be sprinkled with sprinklers of lawn and water from well the work of condenser fast.

In depth maintenance of the air conditioner involves:

• Conditioner clean up followed by its checking of the settings – regular cleaning of the condenser followed by closing of the vent of fresh air has to be followed. Professional help can be considered.

• Load of air conditioner needs checking – appliances which emit light should be shut down if not in use as the appliances radiate heat which increases the consumption of units of the air conditioners.

• Right temperature and insulation of the air conditioner – correct installation of the room is important for the location of the air conditioner where it is placed. Ideal temperature is required for air conditioner.

• Buying a new air conditioner than using the old one with repair work – sometimes the cost of the repair work of old air conditioner does not seem worth and investing in a new air conditioner is the only safe bet.

There are certain tips which come in handy along with the maintenance of air conditioner which is to keep the ceiling fan switched on along with air conditioner for easing off the load. Installing the air conditioner in a non cramped place and in a spot where it is shaded helps. Before the summers come you need to clean in the filters. There should not be any gaps from which the leakage of cool air can easily occur. A cover to protect the air conditioner if not used throughout the year is ideal for any damage. But the cover should not hinder the flow of the air with secured attaching with the unit. Coils have to be air dried after it has been cleaned. Use a fin comb for straightening the coil of the fins which bend from time to time.

Modular homes

Modular homesA modular home is exceptional because it is constructed in a climate restricted factory. Now a days modular homes are more in demand and very trendy among the community as their construction and use is very well-known among the consumers. Modular homes are different from mobile homes and site-built homes. Modular home construction permits you with hundred of choices and design possibilities for your builders to work with you and decide the sort and design of modular homes that best go with your wants.

Modular homes are built in sector of factories that are transported from the manufacturing location to the building site through trucks and then collected by the local contractors at the housing spot.

Modular homes has various advantages that are making them very desirable and in demand among the people. Modular homes can have cost savings aspects to it as they are likely to be twenty to forty percent cheaper than site building homes. The main point behind this that the large scale producers can get flattering conditions for supply of materials in volume.

Indoor built-up of the house component means they are safe from weather and climate related problems which are the main difficulties for site built homes as the work may be delayed due to bad weather condition.

Also the factory workers are highly trained and experienced for specialized manufacturing jobs. As compared to site built homes delegated to contactors who employ unskilled and inexperience labour, the waste materials that come from modular homes are very tiny. Modular homes take thirty to ninety days for completing the work thus saving the time. A two storied 2000 square foot home can be raised in a single week in a factory.

The places where Modular housing has become most famous are New York, Michigan and North Carolina.

Red Bricks Vs Fly Ash Bricks – Which One Should Be Used

Red Bricks Vs Fly Ash BricksGetting a house built is a long term plan and it is always wise to choose the correct materials while building the house. Bricks are one of the most important components of the house. Nowadays there are two types of bricks which are found in the market, one is the fly ash brick while the other is the red brick. There are various pros and cons for both of these types. Let’s take a look as to which brick should be used to build a good solid house. Given below is a brief discussion about fly ash brick and red brick:

• The fly ash brick is basically self cementing bricks which makes them cost effective. While the red bricks are made from a particular material and that is why the cost is a bit more than fly ash bricks. Fly ash bricks help to save water as they are not required to be soaked in water for a long time. But in case of red bricks they have to soaked in water for long hours to make them strong enough.
• Fly ash bricks are made in such a way so that there is no breakage or wastage. Lime gypsum, stone dust, fly ash and cement are the main ingredients of fly ash bricks. However for red bricks there is no such guarantee that they will not break. You must have seen red bricks break down if they fall from some height. This is not the case with fly ash bricks.
• Due to the perfect mixture of the ingredients and the overall system, fly ash bricks are of the same size. They will not vary even a millimeter. But with red bricks the sizes may vary. Although it will not vary to a great extent but you will be able to see the difference. Another thing is the durability of the two bricks. Fly ash bricks are more durable than the red bricks.

Designer shower curtains for bathroom

Designer shower curtainsLooking for ways to improve the look of your bathroom? You can opt for designer shower curtains, which when used correctly, can take your bathroom’s decor to a whole new level. Designer shower curtains can be anything from simple yet stylish shower curtains complementing the look of your bathroom or super expensive curtains designed by brands like Gucci. But, price does not guarantee satisfaction. You can buy a very expensive curtain for your shower but it can go all wrong if it does not match with your bathroom’s design. You must browse and choose curtains for your shower carefully.

You must make your decisions carefully. Decide whether you want a theme based design for your curtains or any particular color pattern. If you are a person who likes change and wish to keep altering your designer curtains, keep the flooring and walls neutral.
A theme can be an easy solution for you to decorate your bathroom with curtains. You can get accessories that match your curtains, often in a set, saving you time of going around in different shops looking for hand towels or toiletry holders that match your designer curtains.

Shower curtains can be found in so many various types of designs that you might be confused which to leave and which to buy. Floral, rainbow stripes, sporty, chintz and polka dots. For the kids bathroom, choose designer themes of frogs or fish, or cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse or even their favorite superhero like Spiderman or Hulk. If you own a holiday home or a beach house, you can go creative and opt for innovative themes such as underwater or beach or aquatic life.

Hope you have a better idea about designer shower curtains now. So go out there, buy your curtains, and design your bathroom in a way that it gives you a fresh start every morning and a smile to everyone’s face whoever goes in.

Home Decor With Glass Elevators

Glass ElevatorsIf the house has a person who is temporarily or permanently damaged the walking skill it is an obvious and needy situation. Elevators then have a very important role to play. Also when the house has a pregnant woman or children for that matter, an elevator eliminates the need to worry about people falling off the stairs and breaking or damaging the ligaments or bones.

In recent times the house making charges have drastically dropped and increased at the same time. Depending on the area of where the house is located and the kind of house being made by the person, the decision about what the price is going to be is made. In posh areas where people are willing to spend money houses with elevators are the new upcoming things. Elevator costs have dropped in the recent years. More than a luxury, elevators have become a necessity for those who have the above mentioned situations.

Glass elevators however add class and sophistication to your homes. They offer a stunning view of your home space making the elegance reflect on its glass surface. It operates on the vacuum elevator system better known as pneumatic system. This system uses the vacuum suction force to run the machine. It is not complicated and bulky like the hydraulic system and is best suited for glass elevators for homes.

The installation of glass elevators is more compact. They do not need to install a pit and a passageway. Self contained are a little modest on budget and takes lesser time in installation too.
The installation of glass elevators not only increases mobility of going around the house it also adds posh and decor to your homes. The luxurious mode of going around the house makes it more comfortable and homely.

Looking for options on staircases?

options on staircasesAre you in quest of stair designs for your newly built home? Stairs too are a vital aspect of your home even if these are not as significant as your rich Persian rug- however, if the homeowner is concerned about the aesthetics across the house, he won’t leave out on the staircase. The good part is that the contemporary interior decoration scene extends a versatile suite of designs when it comes to the stairs. The post below is a short note on some of the fantastic staircase designs for the new homes.

The spiral staircase is an all-time favorite. The best part is that it suits every theme of home, be it vintage or contemporary. The spiral staircase carries a fantastic dramatic aura that adds on the much desired glam appeal in your home. Just make sure not to rush while you are getting down the spiral way- the asymmetrical structure of the spiral staircase makes it little risky for those who are always rushing down the stairs.

Then you have the railing-less staircases. The railing-less options are a wonderful fit when it comes to contemporary homes, getting on the much coveted chic touch for your newly built apartment. The same alarm rings with the railing free staircase as with the spiral option. As these are sans the railing guard, you should be extra careful while getting down.

However, if you have got kids at home, the railing-less stairs are a big NO. In such situations, you can deploy a transparent glass railing to ensure a strong-hold while getting down.

Then, you have the stairs with excellent storage facilities. These are especially for the smaller apartments that are often plagued by space constraints. These stairs are designed with drawers below each of the steps which you can utilize to host different belongings- magazines, books, ash trays and so on.

Tips For Reducing Your Water Bill

Reducing Your Water BillTo rinse the body, everyone needs water. When you install water showers for bathing, there must be sufficient water in the reservoir/tank. However, you must be economical to use tap water as it is chargeable. You must pay your water bills. Therefore, find the best way to save running water as much as you desire. To get water throughout the year, you must chalk out good plans how to prevent water loss.

Reduce Expenses- Install New Water Supply Accessories

The first tip for reducing the water wastage is to install new water supply accessories. Similarly, you must not be lavish to spend fresh tap water randomly. The bathtub must not be overflowed with pure water. When you bath, misuse water by turning off shower heads. The small showers slow the speed of running tap water. When you are supposed to brush your teeth, you must turn off tap water. Damaged faucets and flappers waste around 1000 to 2000 gallons water everyday. It will reflect on your water bills. Therefore, do the necessary repairing works to upgrade the water flushing and storage systems.

You will save money and energy on water bills, if you use hand held showerheads. The larger bath tub requires at least 35 gallons of water for bathing. You should use the low pressure showers for personal body wellness programs. You will save at least 20 gallons of tap water. The monthly utility bills will not create any problem for you. Lastly, for money saving, you need to invest time for regular maintenance to make the water dispensers functional. In torrid areas, water scarcity problem is very severe. People suffer from obstructive water supply. They need to buy water from vendors. Therefore, to reduce the expenses, people will have to install new water pipes, showerheads, sinks, and flappers. In this connection, water conservancy agencies provide tips to people about the water saving.

Tips on choosing the right painting contractor

painting contractorIf you have ever looked for painting contractors you must know there are some talented painters and some not so talented painters. The task of painting may appear to be quite easy. But trust me just like any other trade the painting contractor job also needs talent and expertise. That is why it is always recommended to hire a professional for this job. For only a contractor can have the proper idea of preparing the surface, type of paint and prevention from traffic, climate and abuse. Now the question is how to find out a right painting contractor for your house.

• Do not ever choose the lowest tender. If you do not want improper paint finishing, low quality of work, tinned out paint, paint on floor and furniture going for the lowest tender is not the option for you. However, if you are a person who only cares for money and not for the quality of work the advice is not for you.
• Before choosing any painting contractor always ask for references and reviews. Find out what their previous clients are saying about work. Find out they are satisfied or not. If the company of painting contractor provides quality service in reasonable cost their customers must be more that satisfied. So, they will surely give you positive review.
• If you are in America make sure the painting contractor company or the agency holds the membership of Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. If they have the membership this is certain that they have good name is this industry and they surely provide quality service.
• Make sure the company has proper license. If you are investing good money you should make sure that you are investing in the right place. Moreover, their improper service may damage your property. So, never hire someone who is not licensed for the job.

Surely there are a lot many things to look for before hiring a painting contractor. These are just the basic points and probably the most important ones.