How to Clean Cork and Wood Laminate Floors

Image showing Cleaning laminate floor
How to Clean laminate floor

When it comes for cleaning wood and cork laminated floors, home owners are needed to perform the task enduring more of patience. The job of cleaning cork laminate floors should be perform correctly as it take minimal amount of time for completing. It’s advisable of using correct things, materials and tools so that you can have a better process in your home. We all know that crock laminate floors are more of well-known throughout the world.

And when it comes for cleaning the wood laminate floors, they are highly durable in nature and offers with varieties of flooring look for any home. In fact you have now the choice of selecting your type of wooden laminate flooring option that is suitable to the interiors of your home. But, if you don’t know how to maintain and properly clean it you’ll be definitely pleased by learning the steps stated further for the cleaning process. Here are the steps on cleaning cork laminate floors and wood laminate floor with ease and simple tricks.

Things you’ll need for the process:

  • Water
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dustpan and broom
  • Sponge mop
  • Laminate safe floor cleaning solution
  • Dust mop
  • Simple mop

Process of cleaning cork laminate floors:

  • Start the process by cleaning the surface of the floor. Make the use of dust mop and gently run it on the surface for cleaning any accumulated debris and residue on the floor. It is important to perform as the dust mop offers in cleaning and capturing most of the dust particles off the surface.
  • Make sure of using a clean mop first before you head ahead. Step 2 is to make the use of vacuuming. It’s advisable of using a beater brush attachment in your vacuum. Next is to vacuum the surface of the floor after the floor is deeply cleaned by the mop. This will simply help you in knowing the actual and through cleaning process of the floor.
  • The final touch is by mopping the surface. Wet the mop a bit and run it on the surface of the floor. It’s advisable of using Luke warm water for making the cleaning process. Repeat the process for several times for enjoying a streak free surface of your floor.

Process of cleaning wood laminate floors:

  • Begin the cleaning process by mopping the surface of your wooden laminate floors. Give a thorough dusting to the floor before you start vacuuming and mopping with the wet ones. This will help you in removing any accumulated debris off the surface.
  • Before you start using the floor cleaner on the surface, make sure to read the instruction manual and the expiry date too of the cleaner. It is important for making sure that you’re safe enough for using it on the floors.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on the surface of the floor and make the use of sponge mop. Don’t forget to pay attention on the special areas of the floor. Apply the last finishing touch to the wood laminate floors for enjoying the best of it at your home.

How To Replace Your Faucet

Tips of replacing your faucet
Process of replacing your faucet

It’s right time to replace your faucet if it dripping heavily or if it has a reduced flow. You cannot remain just the way it is and waste so much of water. It doesn’t matter whether it is in your bathroom or in your kitchen sink if your faucet is dripping heavily, without any wait, you need to replace your faucet. If you are worried about the cost of replacing a faucet which you have to give to professional then you need not to worry about that. Replacing g your faucet is a simple, quick and DIY job. You just need some tools and need to have bit of skills and you will be done with replacing your faucet by yourself. Here is a simple process on how to replace your faucet.

  • Check your sink

Before replacing your faucet, you need to check how many openings are there and also see how far they are. You will have to check under the sink for checking this thing. If you are going to replace your faucet of bathroom then there will be two handles which might be joined together with spot for becoming a single unit. They can also be apart from one another. If you want to replace your faucet correctly, you might need this information.

  • Buy new faucet

You might be using your faucet since a long period of time and when you are replacing it, you will be again using it for long period of time only and hence it is advisable to replace it with quality one only. There are various range of faucets available in the market but choose the one which is of good quality and would last properly without any need of repair. When we are talking about good faucet, it doesn’t need to be fancy and trendy but the one with good mechanism.

  • Bring the exact match

Before bringing the new faucet, you must check the old and bring the new one which will fit in your home. You are bringing this costly new faucet but it will not fit in there. This will be useless. If you are not aware about the types of faucet ad which will fit in your home then it is advisable to take the old one with you in the store and ask the person over there to give you the exact replacement.

  • Remove the old faucet

It is very essential to remove the old faucet first before you go on for replacing your faucet. You might need the screw driver for this. Remove the screws of your old faucet and very smoothly without damaging any parts remove the old faucet. Make sure to switch off the main switch before you start replacing your faucet.

  • Install new faucet

Once you are done with removing the old faucet, you must take the new faucet and attach at the same place from you removed the old one. You can use the same screws you removed for fixing the new one.