Choices For Hardwood Floor Finishes

Professional installing hardwood floor finish
Installation of hardwood floor finish

We are not getting into the discussion about how hardwood flooring is amazing, have great looks and how homeowners love them. This is very basic and everyone knows this facts. What actually we are going to discuss here in this article is about the maintenance and finish needs which hardwood floor wants to keep it look beautiful. The need of hardwood finishes also depends upon the wear and tear it goes through. The level of wear and tear is also one of the factors deciding the type of hardwood floor finish to opt for. A home with just two people needs hardwood floor finish to be done every 10 years whereas a home with 2 people, kids and a pet needs to be refinished every three to four years. If your hardwood floor finish is dull and needs to be refinished and you are checking the options for types of hardwood floor finish then refer this article and see whether it helps you out or not.

Types of hardwood floor finishes

  • Shellac

One of the major benefits of opting for this hardwood floor finish is that they are really very much easy to work with. This also has very less amount of harmful VOCs. If you are tight on your budget then one of the good news is that, shellac hardwood floor finish is also budget friendly option. Repairs in case of this finish are also very easy and instant. However on the other side, these are not considered as durable option and they needs to be recoated at some definite period of time. Majority of shellac have wax and hence they cannot be refinished with modern products. If there are any scratches on the surface of shellac hardwood floor then it can be easily fixed by just rubbing the scratches with denatured alcohol.

  • Aluminum oxide

This hardwood floor finish is considered as one of the strongest finish. These are available only in pre finished wooden planks. Applying this hardwood floor finish is not a DIY job and you will need a professional to get the job done. Applying this hardwood floor finish will need certain special techniques like application of mild grits, heavy grits and sanding. The normal durability period of aluminum oxide is of 25 years and probably after you need to replace your old flooring.

  • Penetrating oil sealer

Penetrating oil sealers are in the market since centuries and they are popular for protection of moisture proof wood. These hardwood floor finishes is very much easy to apply and is also very easy for spot touch up and also snap. It can be cost effective as it is a DIY job. It consists of non-toxic elements having very mild odor. But on the other side these are not considered as much durable finish and they have to refinish every two to three years. There is a need of application of three coats and the drying time between the coats is also very high.