Accessorising your bedroom

Accessorising your bedroomNobody would like to live in a dull a bedroom; after the days hard work anyone would look forward to going to a lively and freshened environment. The bedroom can be pepped up with a number of things; some of them being easily available at all time anywhere. Since it is the bedroom we are talking about, it is important to figure whose bedroom we are talking about. A teenager’s bedroom would obviously look different from a grown up’s bedroom. A teenage girl’s bedroom again would be different from a teenage boy’s bedroom. If it is the bedroom of a couple then it can be decorated in the following way:

Window drapes always make the room look beautiful by giving it a vintage look. Drapes are also handy when there is a lot of unwanted sunlight entering the room. A little bit of ‘lighting up the atmosphere’ can be done with the fixing of low power consuming lights which have a dim effect perfect for the bedroom ambience. A different looking book shelf is also a good idea. Apart from just keeping books it can also be used for storage purposes. This adds more decor to the room. Second hand very old looking furniture can also be purchased and kept for further decoration. Furniture always makes a room look grand and beautiful.

Now if the room is for teenagers it is important to note that the overall look matters a lot. Usually teenagers nowadays are not very comfy with yellow light. It gives them a very lethargic feel and dulls them up. So white fluorescent lights and tubes are the best accessories for a teenagers bedroom and the more lights there are the better it is. Wallpapers can also be rolled according to the choice and preferences of the teenage person. Girls would love pink colour as it is the usual cliché.

Metal roofs for your new home

Metal roofsIf you are constructing your dream home, you are obviously aware of the fact that it is a huge task and there are a lot of minute details that you will have to take care during the construction process. You will have to make sure that every part of your home is constructed meticulously; you also need to understand that choosing the right roof is very important for your home. Metal roofs have gained immense popularity off late and they are replacing asphalt roofs at a fast pace. Metal roofs have tremendous functional advantage over other materials and have aesthetic appeal as well.

As far as metal roofing is concerned, steel is the most commonly used metal and their affordability is a big reason behind its popularity. Aluminum roofs have found wide application as well but they are way more expensive compared to steel roofs. However, if budget is not an issue for you then you can opt for copper roofs which lend a rich color and are visually pleasing. If you are planning on having an adjoining shed or barn, you can have a tin roof for them. Tin is the least durable roofing metal and is the cheapest as well.

Irrespective of which metal you use for the roofs, depending on the structure and design of your house you can decide whether you want a low sloped roof or a steep sloped roof. You can install embossed or smooth panel with the interlocking technique; this will create a standing seam roof design. You can also form shingles, tiles or shakes with the roofs to make it look like a clay roof or a wood roof. The metal can also be pressed with wood grain or with any other appearance as this will give the roof a beautiful authentic appearance.

What are the most compatible shades for an inviting bedroom?

bedroom shadesAre you planning a new look for your bedroom this time? Well, no face-lift is complete without a fresh paint coat and good choice of shades is the most vital while you are planning a perfect inviting feel in your bed chamber. The good news is that a bedroom allows you to pick from a versatile variety of shades. The article here is a short post on what would be the perfect tones for your bedroom.

First of all, you should know that the size of your bedroom is a dominant parameter in choosing the colors for your bedroom. If you have a comparatively smaller bedroom, you have to settle with lighter shades. Go with the butter yellow here as the color carries a certain underlying warmth without being too bright. Mint green would be effective as since the light shade is refreshing and cool. Then, of course you have blue. Blue is the shade of tranquility and will present you with the perfect relaxing ambience where you would love to unwind after a hard day’s work.

For bigger bedrooms you are permitted to experiment with brighter shades. French fuchsia is a wonderful choice here. It’s a lovely color and would be perfect for a contemporary bedroom. Many homeowners count on ivory for their bedrooms. Now, the pristine white would go well with smaller bedrooms might be too stark when it comes to comparatively larger ones. If you have a soft corner for ivory but afraid of it being too dull on your bedroom, you can opt for a regal contrast- combining ivory with a rich crimson. The effect will always be dramatic oozing a romantic feel across the room. In fact, ivory can be contrasted with other bright shades as well like tangerine or lavender or say navy blue.

Feng Shui Tips For Office

Feng Shui Tips For OfficeGenerally most of the people are concerned with Feng Shui in relation to their home and ignore the fact that Feng Shui is important for office and official environment as well. Many of you must be considering your office as a second home because most of the time you must be in your office only, doing some work or the other. Thus you must ensure that certain aspects of Feng Shui are incorporated in your office décor. This article will put forward certain Feng Shui tips that you can follow while decorating your office.

Firstly make sure that you avoid clustering things in your office at all cost. If your office space is messy, it will cause chaos and confusion. It might also cause unwanted pressure and stress. You must keep your office space neat, organized and clean. Ensure that the place where you will sit does not have a window behind it as the window would denote the absence of support. If there is a wall behind the place where you will sit then that will be perfect as it will suggest solid backing.

To avoid getting cheated in work, never sit in a way that exposes your back to the door of your office. Make sure that the lighting in your office and especially in your work area is bright and sufficient as this will cause your good fortune to flourish. The cabinets and shelves you use in your office should have round edges as these edges support and encourage creativity. Decorate your office using plants as these will make the work environment less stressful.

Electrical wires and cables should be concealed so as to avoid clutter and release positive flows of energy in the office. If you use water and elements related to water to decorate your office then that would be really help make your office environment calm and better.