Know-how on silk rug maintenance

silk rug maintenanceYour silk rug is a sheer beauty and acts to glam up your home beautifully. No wonder, you would love to flaunt these silk treasures in your living room, drawing awe and admiration from the guests. However, you must know that silk calls for good maintenance and cleaning in order to restore its luster for many more years to come. The article here is a brief on how to maintain your silk rug.

Cleaning dirt & dust

First of all, you have to ensure a regular cleaning for your silk rug. You can either use the traditional broom or the vacuum cleaner. In case you are taking to broom, make sure that it comes with fine bristles assuring no harm to rug fibers. If you are going for vacuum cleaners get brushless as the vacuum brushes are hard on the rug surface. You have to shake the rugs as well which helps in removing bad odors from the fiber. In regards to solid debris, scoop them out gently with a spoon. Do not delay as debris deposition on the rug will be harmful for it.

Cleaning spills

Accidental spills are real bad for the silk rugs. In case there is any spillage, make sure to clean it up immediately as otherwise it might get impossible to get rid off it. Take a white clean rag and press it gently on the spilled area to absorb the spillage. If the spill color stays on the rug, you have to count on club soda. Pour the soda on the affected area & blot it with clean cloth. After that, remove the cloth & let the area to dry up. Another useful solution here is a blend of vinegar & water. Mix these up in 1:1 ratio and apply on the stained area, followed by a blotting.

Tips for setting up a home bar

home barIf you are constructing a new home then you will definitely want to decorate your home in the most attractive and unique way. There are many ways in which you can decorate your home. Keeping pace with the modern trend setting up a home bar is a really good way of decorating your home in the most attractive way. A home bar will add an aesthetic sense to the beauty and appearance of your home. But if you decide to set up a bar in your home, then there are few things you should keep in mind before you start work on your home bar.

To set up a perfect home bar, it is very important that you use the correct accessories for your bar. The first thing that comes is the space management. Depending on the space available for the home bar, you should start working on the construction of your home bar. You should build the perfect shelves and cabinets for your bar. The cabinets and accessories should be built in compliance with the interior of the rest of the house. the shelves you build should be strong enough to take the load of bottles containing drinks and wines. You can decorate the shelves with mirror on all sides to create an awesome appearance.

Nice spot lights and over head glass holders for keeping wine glasses and other types of glasses are the perfect accessories for your home bar. A round counter top with high end chairs will give your home bar a perfect finish and aesthetic appearance. Cork openers, glass coasters, etc are the few accessories that are essential for your home bars. You should do a little research while setting up a home bar to make it completely perfect.