How to waterproof your basement for new construction

waterproof your basementWhile your house is being constructed make sure the basement floors are waterproofed. By doing so you will know that your house has resistance to water seepage. If your house was already built a long time back then you need to take certain measures to make sure the basement is waterproofed. Although both the insides and outsides of the house should be waterproofed, dealing with only the insides also helps a great deal. The older materials in your basement should be replaced with the modern, sophisticated ones.

The best way is to hire a professional for this job. If you’re planning to do the waterproofing yourself, then you should first install an efficient membrane system which will deal with the cracks and protect the interior and exterior foundations of your house. You have to find ways of directing the flow of water away from the inside of the basement to the outside.

Tips to construct proper drainage system at home

drainage system, home improvementThe drainage system of your home is one of the most important things that you should consider properly. A faulty drainage system can cause frequent water overflow in your home leading to weakening of the foundation and damping effects on the wall. This in turn will also reduce the longevity of your house. Now here are some tips to construct a proper drainage system.

Always consult some expert plumber to construct proper drainage system. There are certain things you should know so that you can construct the drainage system successfully. Check if the plumber has provided enough slope for the drainage. If the slope is not enough, then the water instead of flowing swiftly will be stagnant and at the extreme point will cause over flow.
Also take care of the fact so that the drainage system is kept covered. Or else dust, dirt and other debris will clog the mouth or exit of the drainage system thereby reducing the effectiveness of the drainage system. Get the best materials and components while constructing drainage system in your home so that there is no problem afterwards.