Tips on shower door installation

shower door installationInstalling a shower door is a very important thing you should consider doing. Many people hire contractors to do the installation of the shower doors for them. You can also install the shower doors on your own if you follow a few simple things. But in order to ensure the ultimate productivity, taking the service of an expert is advised.

At the first you hang some funky and attractive shower curtains. But when the water from the shower starts to spill in large amount causing the floor of the adjoining area to get wet, you feel the need of installing shower door. Prior to the installation of the shower door, make some required measurements properly.

Measuring the opening where the door will be installed is important enough. Depending on this measurement, you will have to buy your door. Once the door is bought, you have to start making provision for installing it. Either you can install it over some channel. Or you can fit it in some frame also. Whichever procedure you choose, you have to do the necessary arrangements to ensure effective installation of the shower door.

How to construct bamboo cabinets for your kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet, kitchen decorBamboo is one of the most easily available versatile construction materials ever available. It is as strong as hardwood and is highly tensile. The properties of bamboo are many and since its one of the members of the grass species it grows up faster than other varieties of wood and is also very eco friendly. Bamboo can be used to construct cabinets and furniture at home easily. In order to give that tropical décor bamboo is perfect.

Bamboo stalks cut in half and joined together to form the cabinet doors are very attractive. If bamboo is seems to be difficult to work with one can also go for bamboo ply that is available in the market and work on plans for creating that perfect bamboo cabinet. Bamboo fiber and fabric made out of it can be used to accessorize the cabinet too. Before getting to work on the cabinet it is always best to lay out the plans for its construction first.

Top 3 new home construction ideas

home construction ideasIf you are planning to construct a new home, then you should be very careful so that the value of house doesn’t decrease later on. There are many new home construction ideas you can use to increase the value of your home as the time moves on. We all know that real estate is a blooming industry. Whatever is the market scenario and the socio economic condition, the real estate industry is always at the rising.

Try to build in your home in an area which is not far enough from important places like the market, Bus stand, hospital, etc. Normally homes built in such areas will fetch a huge sum when sold off in the future. Not only this, even you will not find any difficulty regarding anything since all the places are near your house.

Always keep provision for extension or home addition while constructing new home. With the increase in number of your family members, the existing home may prove to be small enough. If the provision is made at the time of construction, then you can easily proceed with some home addition ideas.

Ideas on eco-friendly home construction

eco-friendly home, home designWith increasing importance given to the ecology many have shifted to eco friendly means of construction. There are many ways of doing this and among them some are:

1. Using cement heavy in fly ash content during home construction. Fly ash is of practically no use in nature and can be used to construct by using copious amounts of them in cement.
2. Using recycled wood and bamboo instead of actual wood is also one way of being eco friendly. Bamboo is fast growing and is as strong as hardwood. Recycling material to use for home insulating is a good way of being eco friendly.
3. Constructing rainwater shed or harvesting method to supply the water needs on a rainy day can help conserve water. Even solar heaters put up during construction can be a wonderful asset to the co friendly home.
4. Installing double paned insulating windows can also cut up energy costs and is very essential for eco friendly homes in the cold regions.

Portable Office Construction Tips

Portable Office ConstructionToday, life has become simpler for us in many terms. If you have heard about modular buildings, or rooms like modular bathrooms and kitchens then you must be more or less familiar with the concept. Portable bathrooms came into being a decade ago or so and from there rose the concept of portable offices. Sound impossible? Well it’s not.

It obviously doesn’t mean that you can literally fold it up and take it home, but these portable or modular offices ate easier to make, they save time and energy and are no less in any way from general offices. If you have a mobile office, the basics like cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc. should be in built. This helps arranging the items and general stuff easily when you set up your office in a location. Make sure that the construction material you use is lightweight and durable. The ventilation and drainage system should not be neglected.

DIY tips to make soundproof walls

soundproof walls, home improvementDo you want your home walls to be soundproof so the outside noise can’t come into your home or you want to make your studio soundproof for preventing extra noise? If you think that this is a task only which experts can do, then think once again. You can yourself follow some DIY tips to make your walls soundproof.
You need to take care of few things which are as follows:
• You should know the purpose for making your walls soundproof. According to the purpose different materials are used for preventing different types of noises and sounds from invading your room.
• You should know which type of sound you want to prevent because every sound have different frequencies. So you need to specify the sound source and according to it materials are used to prevent that specific sound.
• You need to be careful about the product which you are using when insulating DIY soundproof on your walls.
• Price should also be considered. Different materials have different price rate so it should be according to your budget.

Most Common Leak Locations

Roof leaksRoof leak is one of the most serious troubles for the home owner. Finding out a leak in the roof is also a difficult thing to do and if it is such a location and in such a weather. But finding out roof leaks can be easy if you go through the below mentioned tips. Here are some of the most common locations where you can find leaks in your roof.

  • The field of shingles

If your roof is since a long period of time then it might be possible that you find the leak in the roof field. This includes the slates, shakes and even the expanse of shingles. If your home is having roof made up of asphalt then you can easily walk on your roof. But if it is made up of other materials such as clay tile, concrete tile, or slate then it might be possible to walk easily on the surface of such roof. Your roof might get cracked if you walk on roofs made up with such materials. If you are having regular shingles then have a look at the top of the vertical knockouts. You can find for missing colored granules. Try to find out the crack. Take proper time and have a look at all of these signs.

  • Valleys

Valley is such a line where there is an intersection of two roof planes. Many of the times metal flashing is used in the valleys. While some areas use rolled roofing. While others simply use the shingles. Valleys ought to be a great if shingles are not trimed in an appropriate manner.   While trimming a shingle for the purpose of valley, you usually end up with a chisel point at the end of the shingle. In this situation you need to make a second cut like a pointed arrow. If you fail to do so then water can travel along the top of the shingle and get its way to enter the house. The shingle wrapper will guide as to how to make this second cut.

  • Head wall flashings

There is certain roof which stops at a vertical wall. A metal flashing must be placed in such a place that it directs water to stream down the wall away from the stopping points of the shingles. The flashing may be found in front of a brick wall or behind the wood siding.

  • Chimneys

These chimneys are source for leaks in many houses. Chimney has four different kind of flashing. All of this four should be perfect or your roof will have a leak. Along with that the counter flashing which goes into the mortar of brick joint must also be proper. A small amount of crack lets the huge amount of water to seep into your house and create a great difficulty for you. Also check out at the soldered corners of the flashing as may have damaged or contain holes. Make sure you don’t use a caulk to repair the flashing. As it might be a good option to do.