DIY door installation project

door installation, home improvementDoor installation is simple and easy. Any individual can do this. Here are the steps to follow while installing the door.

• For installing a new door, first remove the existing one.
• Collect all the instruments needed for door installation. Instruments like hammer, screwdriver and hinges are essential for installation.
• Fix the door in the appropriate location. Check whether it is fitted properly or not.
• Now place the hinges between the door and the frame. Now mark the hinge point on the frame with the help of the pencil. This will help you to make an impression on the frame.
• Place the door and make sure the hinges are exactly present over the impression on the frame. Now the door is ready to hang.
• Place the screws in the appropriate hole and screw tightly with the help of screwdrivers. Remember, first fix the top of the door and then move on to the bottom. This makes you easy while installing.

Tips on how to maintain a stone fireplace

stone fireplace, fireplace maintenanceA fireplace is a perfect object of great joy and comfort. The fireplace imparts a unique beauty to your home. But then you have to maintain your stone fireplace properly so that it looks beautiful and attractive as before. During the winter months, the fireplace is in constant use to keep the home warm and comfortable. But once the winter is over, you find your stone fireplace all dirty. The thick depositions of soot and carbon particles are responsible for it.

If you follow a few simple steps, then you can end up cleaning your fireplace successfully and making it look as beautiful and attractive as the new one. The first and the foremost thing is to get a good soap solution a scrub. Try spraying the solution on the dirty parts of the fireplace and let it soak in it for few hours. Then using a good quality scrub rub off all the soot and other particles from the surface of the fireplace. Be careful while choosing the scrubber, because a very hard scrubber can cause damage to texture and surface of the stone fireplace.

Quick fixing a torn wall paper

Wall decor, home careWallpapers are some of the most cost effective was to create a fresh feel in your room when painting is over the budget for you. But what to do if your beautiful wallpaper gets torn suddenly? Well, nothing to worry about since the article here presents some needed tips on how to fix up a torn wallpaper quickly.

First of all, gather one extra wallpaper which is big enough to make up the torn part, painters tape or masking, razor or utility knife, water filled spray bottle, little putty knife & roller. Unroll that extra wallpaper & use the masking tape to patch up that additional piece with that torn part. Now, take the utility knife for cutting through the patch piece & original wallpaper under it. If you have a vertically patterned paper, cut along the vertical way but in case of irregular pattern, follow an irregular angle while cutting through.

Loosen the original damaged wallpaper by spraying water and carefully scrap it out with putty knife. Lastly, roll on the new piece for perfect fit.

Green home construction trend

Green home construction, construction trendsAre you going to construct a new house? Then construct the home in an eco-friendly manner. Going green is today’s trend and it’s the future. Everyone interested in green concepts. So green home construction is a better choice. Have a future thought in mind while constructing your home. By going green, you are saving energy, water and also money. Here are some ideas for constructing a green home.

• For energy saving, use windmill or solar energy panel. The initial cost will be high for both. In the long run, it saves money as well as it protects the environment.

• Use window tints, it will reduce the solar radiation coming into the house. This will reduce the air conditioner usage, thereby saving the energy.

• Use LED lights, LED television and some LED products. This will consume less power. This saves your money.
Most of the construction companies, are constructing the house using green trend technology. Green homes are readily available to buy.