An account on open wall construction technology

Open wall construction technology has been primarily designed for houses that are located in the countries with long and harsh winter. There are several methods being practiced these days and thus are very flexible. The entire idea behind open wall construction technology is to provide fool proof insulation. The doors and windows are to be sealed off effectively in order to achieve this. This could be done using expanding foam or simply by installing a gasket at the time of the construction.

Standard techniques are followed during the primary construction and the skeleton of the building is done based on the existing norms. The entire building is next given a covering of polyethylene. A top coat is added to this to make sure that the insulation is done properly. Similar results can be achieved for roofs by using fascia. These can be trimmed as per requirement and come in various colors to suit your need.

How to install tiles in your bathroom

A simple change in the floor and wall tiles of your bathroom can bring about a major change in the way your home looks. Also, it will help you in covering up any damage that has happened to the floor or the wall. When you are looking at installing tiles to the bathroom, be sure to choose the ones that are anti fungal, anti bacterial and above all, are not slippery. Also, you can choose colors, patterns and textures to add some character to the d├ęcor.

Choosing bright colors is a wise decision because it would require less cleaning. Also textured ones tend to accumulate more dirt and grime. Numerous styles of vitrified tiles are available in the market these days. These are easy to maintain, yet look fabulous. Be sure to match the colors with the other accessories in your bathroom. If you wish to achieve a completely different look, you can choose from ceramic tiles. But, these are less durable when it comes to bathrooms.