Stamped Metal Ceilings

Stamped Metal Ceilings developed as an ornamental, inexpensive alternative to costlier European plasterwork. They are customarily copper, aluminum, tin or other single color themed metal those are made to imitate the metallic expression of another. A metal press is employed to stamp them, which comprises of dye cast mold. This press curves and distorts the metal with a specific design which imparts them a reflective glaze that serves to diffuse a spectrum of colors.

The specific pattern lends the ceiling a shadowing luster. Classical, historical and vintage pattern stamped metal ceilings are preferred prominently as they give a nostalgic touch to the interiors. Contemporary snazzy designs that represent the height of innovation through chic looks are also available. A set pattern is predominantly repeated through the entirety of the ceiling. The customized stamped metal ceiling makes a dramatic statement. Round headed nails make the design stable and look stylish too.

Acoustic Tile Ceilings in Finished Basements

Acoustic Tile for Ceilings stand out due to the diversity they exhibit in terms of colors, styles and varieties and their robust resistance to extraneous sounds. They lend a dramatic look. Fissured tile in line with corduroy fabric, slate, pebbles, swirls, stucco etc are available for finished basements. The suspended acoustic tile ceilings can be dressed up using various edge treatments that are available. Near about seamless look can be obtained by pressing into service twelve inches square tiles interlocked in specific patterns. Acoustical tile ceilings can bring about a transformation of the interior décor in a short time span.

Suspended grid ceilings perfectly complement finished basements by offering access to concealed utilities like electrical wirings and plumbing fixtures that may be required to work upon at a later date. Certain acoustic tiles are washable and can be easily maintained by cleaning. Some are not, so the options should be carefully weighted keeping the specific décor of the basement in mind.