AutoCAD Drafting for the construction industry

nullCAD or computer-aided designing has brought radical changes in the way drafting process is perceived. Before this program, drafting was manually performed, leading to a lot of time wastage and more chances of human errors. AutoCAD is one of the most popular software programs used for CAD drafting which has several customized features for structural and architectural domains and MEP. AutoCAD drafting delivers accurate and effective drawings for architectural, structural and mechanical projects.

AutoCAD not only allows the architectural designers to make drafts of floor plans, cross sections in 3D and elevations, but it also allows the users to extract the data into digital files so that important information can be digitally stored such as pricing, values and materials estimation.

AutoCAD facilitates drafting in 2D as well as 3D and performs 2D vector-based drafting and also 3D solid modeling with easier rotations in 3 dimensions. This means that through this feature, you can observe and analyze an object from any particular angle, even from inside. That is why; a large number of companies are offering AutoCAD services of drafting in different parts of the world.